Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hunkering Down

With the election right around the corner, nine days by my reckoning, there is a huge temptation to seal the hatch to The Chant, get in a hull down position, and kill the engine to reduce my heat signature until this whole mess blows over. I am certainly feeling the need to hunker down and prepare for the incoming propaganda and nonsense.



Did you know that there is a Tube O' You video which is nothing more than ten hours of the sound of distant artillery?

No, really. Search on "distant artillery ambience" - you'll see.

Not sure if that would help me sleep though, might even keep me awake. I'm more of a "surf on the beach" kind of guy.

Not the view on 09 Nov 16. (Source)
I don't want to comment on all the bovine excrement being spread by the chattering class, though it is surely tempting to do so. This election has pretty much cemented, in my mind anyway, the concept that all politicians suck. Sure, sure, there may be one or two who don't, but for the most part, once they get into office, that's all they care about. Staying in office.

That sucks.

So I'm gonna keep the hatch cracked open a little bit, try to navigate the next nine days without losing my mind, or my sense of humor, and hope that everyone keeps their cool. It's an election, the stakes are high but trust me, the world won't end on the 9th of November.

However, I won't offer any guarantees as to the 20th of January. I will say this though, that will be a Friday, so it won't be all bad.

No matter which way the election goes.


  1. I am keeping all of my Babcock & Wilcox boilers on line, and my Allis Chalmers-Westinghouse turbines turning. Let my signatures, IF and EM suck them into MK-7 16"/50 range.

  2. I've just started Neptune's Inferno. Then I have Churchill's Trial and The Founders Key- should keep me fairly busy in my free time. Regardless of what happens there will be much to do post-Election.

    1. The fighting around Guadalcanal was intense. Sounds like you have some good reads lined up.

      Post-election will be fine, as long as folks remain calm. Of course, the professionally, perpetually aggrieved will, no doubt, be kicking up a fuss. No matter who wins.

  3. When I saw the artillerymen in the video, I was reminded of this

    1. Hahaha!

      "Just play it loud, okay?"

      Man I miss that guy...

  4. The chattering class needs to take the cotton out of their ears and stuff it in their mouths for awhile

  5. I think it's going to get MORE interesting after the 8th...

  6. Heh, when Obama was first elected an old buddy of mine who, by the luck of the draw, was in every squadron I was ever assigned to, said: "If I were ten years younger I'd be setting up the Duck Blind oppo 1600 Penn Ave right about now." He's also the same guy who is keeping an updated list of all the Cols who ever f88ked over him so that "when I find out I have terminal cancer I can cash in all my frequent flyer miles..."I'll just wait until they're mowing the front lawn. They'll never hear me sneaking up behind over the sound of the engine." lol!

  7. Bovine excrement? Don't know much firsthand on that, but I do know horse excrement since my m-i-l owns a couple horses. You gotta clean out their stalls or the barn becomes unlivable for them. Same thing with DC. Gotta vote 'em out on a regular basis, but we haven't been doing that so the stink is atrocious.

    1. It's time to muck out the stables.

      Far past time actually.


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