Friday, October 14, 2016

Off North

It's time for the annual pilgrimage to the Granite State for to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Madame Mère, that is, my Mom. Normally her birthday (or more correctly the weekend we gather to celebrate her birthday) coincides with the annual apple fest in the town of my youth.

Sadly, this year the apple fest was a weekend too soon. While it's not the greatest, nor most prestigious, apple fest on the planet, it did have its rural charms. At least to me. The other members of the tribe proclaimed (less than enthusiastically) "Meh, very few apple products, mostly artsy-crafty stuff." And so it was, and no doubt will be in the future. Hey, it's a small town in Vermont.

So blogging might be light. As maman has no WiFi, no Internet, and no means of communication with the outside world (other than cable TV and a phone) I would be forced to blog with the smart phone. With it's very small "keyboard" and my overly plump digits. But it could happen. If I find a topic, I'll snap a photo and blog as best I can.

In the meantime, read those folks on the sidebar, play with your kids and grandkids and enjoy life. If you're in New England, head north, the foliage in the northern reaches is said to be brilliant right now. I just hope it's good in the southern regions north of the border with the Commonwealth. It's starting to color up here in Little Rhody but it's spotty so far.

I expect great things from my native land. We shall see.

Those aren't wrecks out there, those are working vehicles for a nearby orchard.
Here's how I picture myself this weekend...

Kicked back and munching on something tasty, hopefully not bamboo,
Depending on how motivated I get (or the converse) I might get something out on Saturday or Sunday. If Sunday, it'll be late. Hey, I might not post again until Tuesday (I would never take Juvat's Monday away from him).

So see you when I see you. Y'all have a great weekend, stay safe, stay frosty, and be good to your families. Ciao!

Hey look! Flamingo dancers! (What? It's flamenco? Um, then never mind.)


  1. Hunkered down here.
    First storms of the year are arriving.
    Heavy wind and 0.80 inches of rain in 4 hours

  2. It is beautiful up here in New Hampster about now. Welcome back to the Granite State!

  3. Have a safe trip and a great time and wish your Mom a Happy Birthday for me.

    On the Texas Septober Weather Report, Yesterday we got an inch of rain, high was a coolish 82 with the temp leaving work reading 73. Rain is forecast for this morning, then clearing and a high of 85. Just about perfect weather in my little section of God's Country.

  4. Have fun with your mother and ENJOY a weekend of being disconnected... It's truly liberating! :-)

  5. Agree with NFO. Screw the blog. Kick back and enjoy yourself.

  6. Hope you and yours have a great time! As HDT put it, “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”

  7. My best wishes to your mother. Have a fun and safe trip. We, in the Pacific Northwest, are enjoying ( or not ) some extreme weather.

    Paul L. Quandt

  8. Have a safe trip and just enjoy.
    Having lived a few years in North New England, I know well the joy of Autumn there.
    (And, a Happy Birthday to your mother.)

  9. Say Hi. She likes the special way I spell Flamingos. Pink birds don't care about spelling and I suspect that maybe your mother does.

    Did you know that, in other words, there are dozens of men who can truthfully say that they commanded the USS ENTERPRISE?

    Just sayin.

    Have a very merry trip.


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