Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Big Time, L'il Sweetie, Little Bit, The WSO
Safe and (mostly) sound after the long haul from California
L'il Sweetie and Your Humble Scribe doing the selfie thing.
Your Humble Scribe playing the fool.
LUSH, "Playing?"
Kodi is convinced the kids dropped something to eat.
Bear wants to know if the kids ever sleep.
As to the post title...

Yes, yes, we are!

I am thankful, I pray you are as well.


  1. Obviously you have managed to fool Lush.
    The next generation always feels they’ve improved the knowledge base... until their offspring reach an age.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You're no fool. A lot to be thankful for you are, as am I. Didn't see this earlier so I left a message. Thought you needed to fill the spot. Nevermind.

    1. I've got you on the early morning go for tomorrow.


  3. Looks like you're having fun. Continue execution of OPlan FunOverThanksgiving.

  4. It's all good! Have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Thanks for the photos, a fine looking group of people. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    Paul L. Quandt

  6. Good looking clan members there Sarge..... 54th anniversary today.. :(

  7. SNO just came up on the freq with a martial time of 1450. We will have most of the clan gathered tomorrow. It ain't the same as the old days, however. We now have a couple of Type II diabetics (I can't eat this, I can't eat that), and two very serious vegans (does it have any meat products?) and just a few of us old meat-and-potatoes dinosaurs. Looking forward to the joy of having so many around the table and the only rule I've declared is "NO electronic life support devices allowed!"

    1. And that is an excellent rule.

    2. I'm going to cite you as the authoritative source on that new law. (It's my only hope!)

  8. A Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  9. Let us know how everyone submits to that no electronics rule! I found most of them have grown into the flash of either the right or left hand and it is painful to pry it out.

  10. The family photos look great, but the photo of Bear should be on the cover of National Dogographic Magazine.

    Well done to the photographer.

    Enjoy the time together.

  11. Enjoy your holiday, eat lots of turkey and other stuff as calories don't count on Thanksgiving.
    My son made it in safely from NY almost a week ago now, Mom and Dad made it safely out to San Diego last night to celebrate with the rest of the family.
    Prayers that all make it back home safe and sound.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We have so many blessings to be grateful for.
    This blog is definitely one!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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