Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Spent a big chunk of Tuesday taking The WSO and her tribe up to Boston.

Got home.

Realized just how empty and quiet the house felt. Kinda like that opening landscape.

Will have to make up the time lost this weekend, not a problem though. Time with the kids and grandkids is worth whatever penance must be paid on a day off without them around.

Damn. Didn't think I'd take it this hard.


  1. It's always jarring when the tribe departs.

  2. It explains that expression, Be careful what you wish for.

  3. You made some great memories for all concerned, especially the grand daughters.

  4. Aw, poor guy!
    Maybe this'll chirk ya up: Your good news of the day: Puffins in Maine have a baby chick boom

    Over at Daily Timewaster

  5. Getting extra sentimental is expected and authorized. Visits aren't as frequent as you'd probably like. The fact that they live so far away on the left coast is probably a contributing factor to your current state. Retire already and spend more time on the road!

    1. Two years and change. The countdown has begun.

  6. I know what you mean. The #1 son flew into GR early Saturday morning, we spent the next 6 days relaxing, doing a few projects ("Here Mom, let me help with that", "No honey, it's your vacation", "Oh, just let me help, all I'm doing is sitting around") He and DH did go sit in the deer blind a couple of days, and did see deer, but not close enough to shoot. We all went to the in-laws for the turkey celebration...not deep fried this year...and then I'm getting up at o'dark 30 to leave the house at 3AM to get him to the airport by 4AM so he can be on the plane by 5:40AM.

    A week has never flown by so fast. That's all I'm saying...

  7. Hey AFSarge;

    Go handle your business while they are gone and get your affairs ahead so when you go visit them, you can go with a light heart and free spirit knowing that there is nothing hanging on you while you are visiting.

  8. I bet the cats are relieved, though.


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