Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Wheels Are Turning

Full story here.

Still no word on the location of the missing boat.

Prayers continue.


  1. The sea taketh. Hopefully she'll giveth back.

  2. An example of what Mariners and hope

  3. I bet there is a 688 going South at Maximum Warp to act the Mother for the DSRV

  4. If the boat is on the surface, it has satphones, satcom, rescue buoy, etc. If it's not on the surface, it's a recovery not a rescue at this point. I'm not saying that we shouldn't help to find the boat and the crew. All efforts should be expended. However even in bad weather (these days) you can surface, run before the wind, and call home.

    1. With the weather they've had over the past weekend, running on the surface would be problematic. But yeah, at this point things are looking grim.

    2. Argentina is now saying that the signals were not from the boat.

      Which reduces chances.

    3. So many stories floating around.


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