Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trying To Outdo Himself

Sunrise over the San Diego Embarcadero (Jim Grant)

Recently our creator has been very creative out here in San Diego.  It's always beautiful in my hometown, great weather, amazing scenery, etc., but he's been stepping up his game over the past month or so, giving us some incredibly radiant sunrises and sunsets.  I'm admittedly biased as all get out, but I think you'll like them nevertheless.  It's like God got a new set of paints and brushes and is trying them out.   I'm sure it's because of a mixture of smog, humidity, and the temperature, but I'm not complaining.  Scroll through if you'd like, but the best way is to click the first picture and use the right arrow.

Sunrise over suburbia* (KUSI)

Another from the Embarcadero (Jim Grant)

La Jolla Sunset
Took this one from a hot air balloon!

Lifeguard Tower in Repose 
Some of these I've taken, some lifted from FaciaBook, and a few pulled from KUSI TV's page where people are encouraged to submit for their broadcasts.  I've recently discovered a page called San Diego Scenic Photography and that photographer, Jim Grant is some sort of sorcerer with his camera.  We chatted a little and we both agreed that His Majesty deserves all the credit.
Jim Grant

Tom Hamm's Lighthouse

Bada$$ Morning
This one has nothing directly to do with San Diego, although the Roosevelt is stationed there.  This one is from somewhere in the South Pacific and I liked it enough to share it here.  Borrowed it either from the Navy's Instagram page, or Rough Rider One's Faciabook page.

Moonrise Approach  (Jim Grant)

Another by Jim Grant.  
This one's not a sunset or sunrise, but still a cool shot.  There's a page on Pinterest called "Airplane Window" which has a bunch like this, many framed by the rounded frame of an airliner passenger window. The teenangster's Alma-mater is in the bottom of this shot.

Skyline At Sunrise (Jim Grant)
Jim Grant

Golden Sunrise over San Diego Bay (Jim Grant)
This one is my favorite of the bunch.  It even shows my base in the lower left.  That yacht has been parked there for over a month.  It's a beautiful vessel, owned by a self-made man, Dennis Washington.  Read about it here if you'd like.

That's enough for today.  Hope your day is just as beautiful.

*Might be a sunset vice sunrise.  Not sure where in San Diego this is.


  1. There are many things not to like about California. It's Beauty is not one of them. Nice pics, Tuna!

    1. I've said it before and I'll say it again- the worst part about San Diego is that it's in California. I know so many people fed up, some of them leaving- for Texas, Nevada, Tennessee, even the mid-west. I'm almost envious. But the job and the weather keep me here.

  2. When I was growing up in Lubbock, I had a small Instamatic. It used 120 film if I remember right. I stepped up to an older model that shot 110. Those 2 cameras took the most amazingly beautiful sunsets and dust storm pictures. Thanks for the beauty! Those are beautiful pictures.

  3. Wow!

    What a beautiful place, thanks for the pics Tuna.

    1. You weren't supposed to see them until tomorrow. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    2. Piece of cake, here's the Sarge-approved way to schedule a post. (And actually I learned this from Juvat.)

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      5) Select the time you wish the post to be published. (Bear in mind, The Chant is set to Pacific Time, i.e. Sandy Eggo time.) I typically select 4:00 AM for the first post of the day. This is "highly suggested." (Hint, hint.)

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      Simple, neh? (Yeah I know, not really.)

    3. Yeah, I did all that. I was hoping it wasn't my fault, like you decided to move it up a day- but I must have picked Tuesday AM vice Weds AM. I'm sure to get moved to a cubicle in the basement after today.

  4. As a child I lived on Coronado. As a young adult I spent time at MCRD and later at Camp Pendleton. I always thought I would end up in retirement in the area, but here I am on the East Coast. I miss the beauty of Southern California and the easy living, but I sure as he!! don't miss the crazy politics and the even crazier politicians in Sacramento.

  5. I was assigned to Naval Amphibious Base (later Naval Expeditionary Base - now Naval Base Coronado) and always liked San Diego. The pictures are magnificent. TODAY, there is a problem with hepatitis A being spread by the homeless and it's literally an epidemic. Remove a few nits and the lesbian politicians, and San Diego is its old self again.

    1. Yup. Progressive leftists, turning Paradise into a Third World shite hole.

  6. When one wants to outdo himself it pays to bring along reinforcements.
    I wish there was a direct route to San Diego that didn't go through LA.

    1. There are some, but maybe it's a case of "Well you cawn't get theyah from heyah." There are legs from Dulles, Houston, Chicago and Salt Lake that I'm aware off.

  7. Thanks for the post and photos. As for California, my wife and I left there around 1990 and are never going to live there again ( unless the population digs its collective head out of its a$$ ).

    Paul L. Quandt

  8. Wow! Just wow! Glad it got posted early.

    Is the shot of the (apparently) Piper on approach done at Brown Field? I did some of my initial flight training there when I was going thru the P-2 RAG at North Island. I miss San Diego, good times as a single sailor riding the Nickel Snatcher over to the city for libs.

    I married a California girl from the Bay area. We never told her mother we could have had orders to Moffett but instead chose Texas. Looking at California now I think we made the better choice.

    Thanks again, great post.

    1. Brown or Carlsbad. Happy to share. I can't take much credit.

  9. Loved my time(s) stationed in San Dog. Just didn't want to pay the taxes to go back there once I retired.

    4 of us Jr/Mid grade officers rented a house in a private community just West of SDSU, above I-8 but set back so you didn't get traffic noise or direct lights from what's now Qualcomm stadium. Lovely times sitting out by the pool. We almost got one in La Jolla, overlooking I-5 that had 1st and 2nd floor balconies looking East with a view like the one picture. But that didn't go through once the rental agent let the owners know who would be renting.

    You don't fly >over< downtown on final into Lindbergh, you fly >though< downtown. Great fun! Does that one design studio still have the "crashed" plane on their building?


  10. My baby sis lives in Imperial Valley, and she has posted a couple of very pretty sunset pics over the past few weeks. The Man Upstairs definitely has a new box of paints. And we get to enjoy them! Life is very good indeed.

  11. Beautiful, no question! And all due to the creator!


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