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Lest you think I have some beef with the men and women of law enforcement, think again. I have friends who are cops, friends who are retired cops, and at one point in my life I really wanted to be a Vermont State trooper. Bad eyesight was the sole reason I didn't pursue that career as opposed to being in the Air Force.

As with all professions, there are good cops, average cops, and bad cops. The bad ones, as you might expect, get most of the coverage from the Meejah. Remember, the goal of the Left is to destroy Western Civilization, eroding our confidence in our public institutions is one of the first steps. The police are a public institution, they are the first line in keeping anarchy at bay. In some locales they are being destroyed from within, intentionally I suspect.

If the cops get away with murder, with theft, and with other crimes, who is responsible? Sure the cops need to be better at (ahem) policing their ranks, but ultimately it's the courts and elected officials who decide who gets prosecuted and what the sentences are.

Police officers are one of the few non-military professions where the odds of not coming home at the end of one's watch are a lot higher than many other lines of work. How about the Sikh officer who was gunned down at a traffic stop? Many cops pay the price to keep scumbags off the streets. Then the courts put them right back out there.

Don't blame the police, here are some of the guilty parties -

We solemnly swear to do whatever it takes to get re-elected...
It's an uphill battle for those who actually believe in the oath they took.


  1. But, it is funny, in the twist if terms. Royalists good, liberals bad? Iconoclast minds are bad, just as, there are good cops, there are good laws, the problem is weeding out the bad ones. The self serving ones. And now apply that to politicians, a whole new story arrises. And, now, explain any second term politician. Did they serve the public, or their donars?

    1. Jim,
      Your comment is precisely why the juvat voting rubric is in existence.

      Because repetition is reinforcing:

      1. No democrat
      2. No incumbent
      3. No unopposed

    2. Useful creed. Oh, my. Try this--

      "NICS may not be updated for months!" No. Ya think?

      Went shooting at a local indoor range with a fellow Kalifornia expat. He is a good friend and former customer from when I had my FFL. He bought/transferred multiple guns through me. Obviously those transactions were processed through the Kalifornia DROS (Dealer Record of Sale) system. Not one issue. Ever.

      So last week we come off the range and browse the retail counter. He checks out a particular handgun, and decides to buy. As we are in Texas, the only background check is the federal Brady Law. He got denied. He has no criminal history. He is still waiting on the Feds to respond so he can find out what the issue is. Then he will suffer the joy of trying to get it straightened out.

    3. The Progs have already established the fact that they are traitors. Now it's just them trying to see how far they can push it.

      Background checks, another infringement.

  2. Dad was a Texas Peace Officer. Not a policeman or a cop. I know, cause he told me, and I saw it. I found out that there are shades of skill sets there just like other professions. Cops are jerks for the most part, pushing their badge and gun for all to see. Policemen don't look at the spirit of the law, just the letter. Hence a ticket for passing a motorist on the right, who was going 35, in the middle of the interstate. Then there are Peace Officers. They keep the peace. If you needed to be taken behind the cotton gin and stomped real good, because your folks neglected your discipline, but otherwise you were a good kid, okay. If you needed a stern 2 hour lecture on the stupidity of driving with your head in the clouds, instead of a ticket, because you appear to be intelligent, you got it. If you needed to see the inside of a cell at 10, just to make sure your head was on straight, and dad asked the nice peace officer for some help, no problem.

    He said there were 3 stages of 'officerhood':

    1 - So scared you couldn't even read your own name on the first few tickets you wrote. (lasted a week or so)
    2 - Ten feet tall and bullet proof. Sunglasses on at night, and an attitude bubble all around you. (Most get stuck here)
    3 - Settled down, respectful to all. Able to read sign and make appropriate responses. Can joke, even in uniform, EVEN with non-uniformed citizens... No different in uniform or out. (1 out of 50? Probably 1 out of a 100 or less)

    He called it in 1979, said that McDonald's rejects were getting hired to be cops. He made me swear, for real, that I wouldn't be a city officer or a county officer, when I was 12 or so.

    Mom prayed that he'd have an even chance. Given an even chance, he'd make it. He was an exceptional officer. And then the wheels fell off in about '86. 24 years of excellence brought to an end by... something... I asked him once what happened. He said when he thought it was my business, he'd let me know. I never found out why. He sucked it up and kept going with his next 'career'.

    He was just about the last of the breed of Texas Peace Officers when he passed on back in '06. I've never met anyone like him in that profession. One was close, but stuck about halfway between 2 and 3.

    1. Those three stages seem pretty damned accurate.

      Concur, a lot of 'em seem to get stuck at Stage 2.

  3. I'm related to a dozen or more law enforcement officers, by blood, marriages, and adoption. Toss in a few more probation officers. The ones focused on public safety and tranquility I call "peace officers". The ones focused on their own egos and having power over others I call "cops".

    Both groups do put their lives on the line, and both groups have their casualties.

    A peace officer example would be my late brother in law. Given twenty four arrest warrants to serve, he contacted each individual and discussed their situation (child care, animal husbandry, etc.). Twenty of them drove themselves to jail within three days. The other four who didn't keep their commitment to him got cuffed and stuffed. Yes, all in a rural/small town environment; might not work in a city.

    The other extreme is a cousin booted out of the notorious Los Angeles Rampart Division in the early 1970's. He was too rank for even them.

    1. That's a good definition. There are states, Arizona, Texas, and California among others, who actually spell out what a peace officer is, sometimes it's situational.

  4. It used to be that a single police officer could handle most situations.
    Now it seems they can’t do anything without a backup for safety reasons and because they’re under a microscope.
    Of course, then, because there are at least two, they need a supervisor to sign off on any actions they take.
    It’s firetrucked!

  5. Sad that walking the straight and narrow is such lonely journey, and that so few have the strength to do it. One riot, on Ranger.

    My daughter is out on patrol as I type this. Not in Dallas, thank God.

    1. Need more coffee. That "r" should be RHT447.

    2. May the Lord watch over your daughter RHT447, or "r" for short.

    3. Thanks, Sarge.

      It has been said that God could not make a Stradivarius without the hands of Antonio Stradivari. I taught my daughter to shoot. The rest is in His hands. She is six years in, and well on her way to stage three. Rolls into a poor neighborhood in the late afternoon, turns on light bar, calls over kids playing in street, passes out Halloween candy.

      Yes, r stands for short. Short on sleep, short on coffee, short on.....

    4. She sounds like someone to be proud of.

  6. I worked with lots of good cops (they called themselves cops, so I got used to it.) And then there were the others. One day Mrs. Andrew was sitting at my desk in the Forensics unit and a cop walked by and she said, "Beans, he's got a gun." Which caused me to laugh at her and say, "Of course he's got a gun, it's 1997 and they're all cops." Which got me hit, but what she was referring to was, a building full of cops, cops walking by all the time and she noticed one guy. Who was, yes, a bad cop.

    We also had one detective who won all sorts of awards from various people who when he retired had key evidence in 4 murder investigations in his desk. All pieces that would have put someone away long time, serious evidence, whose loss was blamed on the Evidence department and got some people fired and demoted over, and it was sitting in his desk. And nothing happened to him.

    We also had a good cop, a very good cop, of hispanic origin, who was a great cop. Took a city councilwoman on a ride-along, and he talked to the people, getting hints and cooperation from all sorts of people. Two days later he gets a reprimand, 40 hours off w/o pay and a demotion because he was talking 'street' with the homies in front of councilwoman, you know, violating her standards...

    We had a really great cop, shooting up the ranks without playing the PC garbage, get into a confrontation with a drunk/drugged driver, almost gets run over as the bad guy is yelling he's gonna kill the cop, cop rightly unloads on the guy because the guy is trying to kill the cop, and the guy hits the police car, narrowly missing the cop, then drives off to wreck 6 blocks down, DRT. A total good shoot, determined by his commander, the detective commander, the FDLE inspector, the Highway Patrol officer, the Deputy Sheriffs and someone from the FBI. Dead dude's tox report was more what wasn't the guy on, on near fatal amounts of everything, name it and it was in his system. But because the dead dude was 'a good citizen and a good student (currently on academic suspension for beating up a professor and failing 2 terms, but not dropped because his parents donated too much money - that hollyweird student scandal thingy is just because all the people involved were just too damned stupid) and his parents were of the right social club and strata, really good cop got tossed under the bus by the mayor and the interim police chief and a local prosecutor trying to make a name for itself. Even with Massad Ayoob (got to meet him when he came to look at the tape) on the defense side, and all the 'good shoot, nothing he could do' analysis of all the cops, it was a near run thing. Two hung juries, cop gets fired for 'cause' which got his police standards yanked. Fortunately he made it out of this state and with all the testimony in hand got his standards in another state and went on to be a shining great guy who was a cop.

    But the dirtbags? Like the cop I worked with whom I tracked all input/output on all the detectives in the unit, and who did nothing, or next to nothing, but was allowed to stay in the unit for 5 years because, when detectives with far better stats were sent down to patrol, because?

    Or the supervisor who slept with one of his detectives, and when got caught, he was demoted, but she was fired. Because.

    Oh, it only takes a few to make a bad reputation.

    But over the years, the PC police took over and there was a slow influx of incoming pc police, too afraid to stand up to city hall and actually police certain places and events. So, well, Antifa and it's predecessors get/got to do their thing, but some Trumpers/Bushers/Tea Party people? Nyet, Comrades.

    Sad, very sad.

    10% make the rest look bad. 10% shine so brightly that they exude lawfulness. The rest? That's what worries me...

    1. If you promote the bad ones the good ones leave. Force gets steadily worse. Happens in all lines of work.


  7. One more story, cops do a search warrant on a big, huge underground indoor grow (I'm talking huge diesel generator running the place indoor grow.) One of the supervisors (same one as noted above, boffing his subordinate, but now he's back, again) is searching the residence and comes across lots of explosives, some already made up into IEDs, and then gets on the radio while leaning over the pile of booom. So he's telling me this when he gets back and I lit into him about how friggin stupid he was, one should never stand over boom with an active radio transmitting, first rule of boom is back the fruck out, then call. One of the uber supervisors, hiding in his office, heard this and laughed out loud. (He was head of the Sheriff's bomb squad at the time) And I got to repeat to all the coply people in my unit (where I was just a lowly staff assistant) the rules of Boom. Which, of course, are, First rule back up, Second Rule, back up farther, then duck and report. Mr. Boom is not your friend. Good time was had by all as the idiot was made fun of for weeks. Gee, Ima gonna stand over boom and yack on the radio and take out my cell phone and take pictures and do this and that. Dumbass. The uber supervisor had fun with bomb robot from 200 yards away, behind huge tree. Some people should never be allowed out of the house....

    1. You can dress 'em up but you can't take 'em anywhere.

  8. I am trying to ween myself away from all things political. Politics has always been ugly, but these days it is out of control.

    1. I try to do that, yesterday's post was an exception, had to get it off my chest. Today is apologizing to all the good cops out there.

      It is definitely out of control.

  9. In a gubmint of, by, and for the people, who is the gubmint? That guy?

    1. Good question, it's supposed to be us.

      But I suspect you know that.


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