Saturday, October 5, 2019

Looking Forward to This

We don't go to the movie theater very often, if The Missus Herself and I see more than two films in a year, that's an awful lot. To justify expending funds on the ever increasing cost of movie tickets, the movie has to be, in my estimation, something so far out of the ordinary that waiting for it to hit Netflix or Amazon Prime just isn't an option.

For Your Humble Scribe to bestir himself to head for the movies, I expect the film to move me as well as entertain. The film 1917 seems to fit the bill perfectly. This one is a must see in my book.


  1. I have never even heard about this! when does it arrive?

  2. I recommend this book to go with--

  3. It looks... good.

    Good WWI movies are few and far between. Attention to details while still pushing out a good story is difficult, sometimes the two don't mesh. But there are some real gems out there. Historical accuracy and good acting required.

    Both "Sgt. York" with Gary Cooper and "The Lost Battalion" with Ricky Schroeder are, personally, my two favorites, followed by one of the many good versions of "All Quiet on the Western Front" (the one with Ernest Borgnine and John Boy is very good.) And "Blue Max" for airplanes (since, well, they really flew real airplanes, some built specially for the movie. Good movie.)

    "Paths of Glory", though having both good acting and historical accuracy in props and sets, just is too horrible of a story. One of those 'watch once' movies.

    I'd love to see a movie with WWI tanks, especially the British ones, from inside the tank. Closest we've gotten so far to a WWI tank interior was in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" with the tank scene. If there is a good movie with an actual tank set during WWI, please let me know.

    1. I like those films as well. As for inside a WWI tank, see the second episode of Our World War. Three (I recall) episodes, all brilliant. Available via BritBox on Amazon Prime, I think I saw it on Netflix, so good I watched it twice. The first episode is the best, I thought. No tanks but it's the first few days of the war and the episode follows a group of British soldiers defending a bridge near Mons. Simply brilliant. Second episode follows a tank crew, it's pretty gritty.

  4. I see a few more than you, so my criteria must be a little less refined, but I agree that this is one worth paying for. Have you seen the trailer for The Kings Man? I won't compare the two films, other than to say they are both set at the same time in history, but it might be something to catch on Netflix at some point- one of those Adrenalin-producing action flicks- like a historical James Bond film.

    1. I haven't seen that, looks interesting. I'll look for that.


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