Biographical Information - The Old AF Sarge

Born in 1953, I'm a native Vermonter. Though if you've been reading the blog for any length of time, you'll know I now live in Rhode Island. Little Rhody as I like to call it.

Spent 24 years in the United States Air Force, eventually rising to the lofty station of Master Sergeant (E-7).
Now I say lofty because it was the last Air Force enlisted rank which you were promoted to based on your test scores in both your specialty (actual job) and in general Air Force knowledge. Of course, one's annual performance evaluations, awards and decorations also played a role.

But to be promoted to the enlisted ranks above Master Sergeant (Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant) required a certain amount of political acumen.

A trait I do not possess in any sort of measurable quantity. In fact, the guys at my current job claim that I have no filter. No filter at all. I speak my mind. I calls 'em as I sees 'em!

Needless to say, as a Master Sergeant I was happy.

For my first 8 years or so, I was an aircraft maintenance guy, specifically a Weapons Control Systems maintenance technician on the F-4C and F-4D Phantom. After that, the Air Force sent me off to college where I learned the ins and outs of computers. Some skills that I still find useful in my civilian gig.

For I could not stay in the Air Force forever. So in the last year of the nineties I retired. And (as we used to say) got a "real job". Well, the new gig does pay better. If it ain't all that glorious, at least it pays the bills!

Over the years I acquired a wife, three kids, two three two kid-in-laws and three four six seven eight grandchildren. And we're on our second set of cats. Anya and Sasha. My buddies. (Sigh, now it's just Anya, Sasha went to her reward in July of 2021, she was one heck of a fine feline. Miss her, we do. Now Anya is gone as well, April of 2023. She almost made it to 20. I miss them both more than I can say.)

That's my story. Tuna has his own. He's a retired Naval officer. Yup, an Air Force enlisted guy and an aquatic ossifer type. What a combo we make!

And now there's Juvat. An old F-4 and F-15 driver. (Well, I'm sure he's not that old. Younger than me no doubt!)

So now that's two ossifers (one aquatic, one aerial) and one enlisted. Seems an odd combination. I am starting to feel outnumbered. Oh yeah, we've added Beans to the roster (not the menu as beans have always been on the menu) but a guy I tagged with the nickname/callsign "Beans." Why? Well, his first post was about beans and calling him by his actual name seemed so passé.

Seems to work though.

Seems to work.

Last updated 31 August 2022.


  1. Nice. I googled Air Force E-7 (to remember what the rank was called) and ended up here. Y'all old! I'm not too far behind you though, hehe. Take care!

    1. Old I am, getting older by the minute (not that that's a bad thing mind you).

      Thanks for stopping by!