Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Still Kinda Cold, But Spring Is Here

Though there was a bitter chill to the wind yesterday morning and this morning. Spring is here. All of the daffodils are starting to open, even in the dusk the borders of the yard are alive with color.

These small red tulips showed up two years ago. Of their own accord. The Missus Herself did not plant them. Do the wee folk like tulips?

The hyacinth are making their appearance. (Not to be confused with "our Hyacinth" in Keeping Up Appearances.)

Um, no, not that one...

The arbor vitae did sustain some damage during the Great Blizzard of '13 (back in February). 'Tis a shame really. No doubt when the weather improves we'll need to trim the damaged limbs.

I love this tree, with it's gnarled and twisted branches. The crocuses are up, the tulips here (mostly white and yellow) are not far behind.

Daffodils and crocuses on opposite sides of the fence. (The crookedness of that fence isn't quite so apparent when all of the Missus' flowers come in. But yeah, it's as crooked as a Chicago ward healer.)

Flowers peeking up amidst the shrubbery.

Alright, alright... (What d'ye think is in those pictures anyway? We've already got shrubbery! Hhmm, but we don't have a Grail...)

This crocus looks a bit forlorn, part of the poor wee thing was frost damaged back in March. The ones in front of the house start coming up in February. Little guy has been snow covered three times. But he keeps coming back. A true New Englander!

Quite a change from less than two months ago. innit?


  1. Replies
    1. And the Missus Herself deserves ALL of the credit. My contribution? "I pick things up. I put them down."

  2. So, what is that little tree in the second photo? It deserves much love for surviving the winter, whatever it is.

    1. I'm not sure what they're called. I just know the wife has quite a few and they are tough little ba$tard$. I think they're the same type of dwarf shrub you find just above the tree line in the Himalayas.

      This little guy has been buried under the snow quite a few times since he was planted. Same goes for his buddies, they seem to shake it off quite well. Better than I would!

  3. Your house and yard are beautiful! Yard work is not my thang, but I can build a house.

  4. The best landscaper I have ever had an opportunity to communicate with is Buck.
    Plastic Flamingoes and decorative rock are the way to go.

    1. Buck is Zen-like in his minimalism.

      We once had a plastic heron, given to me by my parents. To go next to the fish pond. To keep real herons away.

      He did not last long. I shudder to think of the pure, unadulterated Hell which would be forthcoming should I even mention "plastic flamingos" around the Missus Herself. She's mighty particular about what goes in her gardens.

      I respect that. Just sayin'.

  5. Beautiful bulbs, absolutely brilliant. I used to have a lot o' daffodils, crocuses, and tulips in the wayback, before I became Zen-like in my landscaping. :-)

    You inspire me yet again, but this time I'll resist the temptation to put up my daffodil story for the third time.

    1. Thanks Buck. Also thanks for putting the link to your daffodil post. I enjoyed that rather a lot. (Nice bike by the way!)


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