Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Day Dawning

(this originally was "End of the Month", but that title sucked... bad)
And So Did the Opening Photo
Okay, so yesterday's post was a bit whiny and bitchy. (A bit? Are you kidding me? It was all like "wah, whoa is me, I'm in a hotel, my software sucks, I don't like using a laptop." Blah, blah, blah. Okay, suck it up buttercup. Put on your big boy pants and do something meaningful and fun.

And are you kidding with that opening picture? Are you trying to drive readers away? (Oh, sorry. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm kind of talking to myself. Er, typing to myself? At any rate, I'm hoping this proves to be humorous. We shall see.)

Come on, let's have a better photo. And what a boring title! "End of the Month"? Seriously? Why don't you just name the post "Don't Read Me, I Suck". That should draw the readers in. HA!

Now there's an awesome picture. That's something that'll get the juices flowing and get people excited. F-15's, flares, flying and tales of high adventure. Now that will draw people in and engage them.

Oh, I also changed the title of the post for you. Now it's "New Day Dawning", sounds exciting doesn't it? (End of the Month, might as well be a blog for accountants. Not that I have anything against accountants. I did an accounting course in college. It was, well interesting is not the word I would use. But it wasn't boring either. Just not that exciting.)

Speaking of entertaining. Six (of the Warrior Class) had an excellent and most humorous post the other day. Go read this, you won't be disappointed. Unlike my post from yesterday eve. Which disappointed me greatly. I promise to do better today. Hopefully this is a start...


  1. I have a friend whose guide dog is a young lab.
    He will appreciate Six's post.

  2. I could never quite get used to the end of the month meaning anything but the next day being a real pain
    It meant going in to work early to do a monthly inventory
    When that was done the only satisfaction was we wouldn't have to do it for another whole month
    New Years was a particularly hated day

    1. Argh, the monthly inventory! I did have a job (a long, long time ago) where that was something we had to do. I had completely blanked that from my memory.

  3. That IS an awesome pic.

    End o' the Month: Mother's Day. ;-)

  4. You shouldn't have to apologize for being grumpy when The Man jerks you around - first you go tomorrow, then the next day...or the next..or not. Reminds me of my younger brother's favorite advice " Remember Greg, the whole world is out to screw the little guy and you'll always be a little guy". That keeps me grounded when I start feeling all puffed up - for example when I walk into the kitchen and actually remember why I went there. Or when the guy to my right at a four-way stop waved me thru and I'm thinking this is my day, only to discover that guy had a flat tire.....sigh. Great picture, that breaks the monotony, thanks!

    1. I do what I can. Without completely knuckling under to "The Man".

  5. By the way, My daughter came to visit with our five year old great-grandson this week. As they were waiting to board in Bangor, Me airport 15-20 soldiers on their way home from overseas disembarked for a layover. Little Jack went over and high-fived all of them. He told his grandmother that they had been brave and he wanted to thank them. Not sure where that came from as there is no military in his family, but I was very happy to see that kind of respect.

    1. Little Jack obviously comes from "good stock". That is a great story!


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