Monday, April 22, 2013


Earth. The planet where we live. About which there is much hype today. Mostly from left-leaning socialist ee-jits. And we listen to them because?

Okay, so today is Earth Day. BFD.

Here's what Rev. Paul has posted about that, Way Up North.

To borrow a phrase from the Immortal Bard, this is all "Much ado about nothing". Though YMMV.

But yeah, don't dump your trash on the road, that's just nasty.


  1. Reminds me of a t-shirt from the '70's - "Earth First, We'll strip mine the rest of the solar system next..."

    I want one. Just to annoy people. :)

    I do agree about dumping trash, though.

  2. I can't help but think that if a slightly less antagonistic approach were used, there would be a much less acrimonious discussion of the environment.
    What I mean is, if you are right, but hammer folks with that knowledge, they're gonna resist because they don't wanna be beat to death.
    But, if you slip in next to them and show 'em how your way's better all around, they might just find it a lot easier to cooperate.
    It all comes down to: "Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?"

    1. Ditto. It's their frickin' sanctimonious attitude that I can't stand.

    2. Ah, sanctimonious, I wish I'd said that!

  3. In honor of Earth Day I didn't throw any crap out my car window. I am now looking for my Earth Shoes...where did I put them?

    It is just another "Feel Good About Giving a Damn Day"

    What day is "I Don't beat your wife day?" I celebrate that one almost every day.

    Anyhow, tomorrow I'll throw crap out the car window......ok, maybe not.

    And if Suldog is reading blogs and comments, you would be a failure if noone gave a damn about your recent blogging ramble and noone worried about you. Well then, I guess you are not a failure.

  4. Correction, "I Don't beat MY wife day"


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