Monday, April 29, 2013

Dans l'Hôtel

Here I am, the same hotel I used to stay at during the long exile of '10 to '12. Some people are new here, some are the ones I knew before. It's not wonderful and fantastic that I'm mobile again, but it ain't half bad neither.

Like the Missus Herself put it, "At least it's familiar surroundings". And that is the truth of the matter.

But while I  spend time away from the Palace, I will be blogging on a laptop. Something that takes getting used to. Normally when I use the laptop there's really  not much difference from using my desktop at home. It's attached to a docking station while at work, full size monitor and keyboard. But after hours it's just me and a wee screen and small laptop-type keyboard. Easier to type on than, say, my cell phone, but still the keys are all in slightly different locations.

Let's just say, that when I use the laptop in its undocked state, the backspace key gets a bit of a workout!

Had a rather productive day at the office, considering I had perhaps 4 hours of sleep last night. You know how it is, those of you who have traveled, getting to used to sleeping in a strange place takes a day or so to get used to. So there's that.

Also the software we're using on my project (which was released sometime during the Pleistocene epoch) decided to eat one of my code files. One of the most important code files. But I have a back-up so it wasn't a disaster. Just a pain in the a$$. Reload from back-up, re-compile and try and determine why the interface decided to go rogue on me.

So that's all for today. This tiny screen and cramped keyboard is making me crazy. Perhaps I'll find some time at lunch tomorrow while I'm on the grown-up screen and real keyboard.

I'm out...


  1. I am not exactly enamored of laptop blogging either, pretty much for the same reasons you stated.
    I hardly even try to use the Iphone for same.

    I actually found the laptop works best for me when it is actually in my lap.

    1. I have blogged from my cell phone, but that was when the power to the house was out during the blizzard back in February. It was rather an adventure. Me, sitting in my car, phone charger plugged in order to maintain comms with the outside world, with nothing else to do. So I wrote a post. Yes, it was painful and time consuming. That little keyboard on the smart phones does not like my big, stubby fingers.

      Better than nothing though.

    2. I've posted from my phone, too. ONCE. That was enough; never again. I hope I'm never in a position where I have to blog from my phone, coz my blogging career will come to a screeching halt.

      I don't mind using my laptop to blog (or do anything else, actually). Yeah, the key board is slightly different, but that's not a big deal to me.

      Hotels? Suck. ;-)


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