Sunday, April 21, 2013

Law Enforcement

Now I've seen and heard some criticism online and in face to face venues regarding law enforcement in the Boston Metropolitan area over the past week. I've read some nastiness which made me sick.


These folks have a tough job to do and they do it very well. I have friends in law enforcement. Cops don't live in some remote camp or fortress. They live in the same cities and towns as we all do. They're our neighbors. We go to ball games with them. We go to church with them. Our kids go to school together. They are Americans. Just like us.

Yes, things were tough in Massachusetts last week. Yes, areas of Boston were pretty much shut down. Yes, it was tough to travel into or out of the city. But guess what?

They caught the bastard.

No more innocent blood was shed. The professionals did their job. They, like they do EVERY DAY, put their lives between us and evil. They, like they do EVERY DAY, went out and DID THEIR JOBS.

God Bless the men and women of Law Enforcement. May He protect them and watch over them always. Their job is hard. They do it for us.

Here's the image which will stay with me long after the scenes of death and destruction have faded.

One of the less publicized impressions from the stand-off. A family with young children in Watertown was out of milk during the lock down...

Gives a whole new meaning to "Protect and Serve", doesn't it?
Boston Cops...
We Love You!


  1. Some folks just know so much more than anyone else.
    If ignorance is bliss, they'd be the happiest people in the world.

    Frickin' maroons!

    1. Yup, life is easy when you think you have all the answers.

  2. You have to love a town that when you f*ck with them they shut everything down, keep everyone inside and then go door to door until they find you ass!

  3. Well said my friend and thank you.

    1. You guys have earned all the kudos you get. In my opinion, you don't get enough!

  4. I agree with what you say for the most part. OTOH, the creeping militarization of our police forces and the prolfieration of SWAT teams among both state and federal agencies should be a bona fide cause for alarm. The Department of Education? The Fish and Wildlife Service? Really?

    1. Yup, DOE and FWS have no need for SWAT teams.


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