Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Friday Flyby - 19 April

AH-64 Apache
Thought I'd try a little something different this Friday.

We've done jets, we've done the Battle of Britain, we've done aces, I thought, "Today, let's do helicopters!" More specifically military helicopters.

Blog buddy Pogue is a helicopter kinda guy. I'm sure there are others out there who visit and are associated with the rotary-winged work horse which is the helicopter. The WSO used to date a helicopter pilot, Lex's SNO is a helicopter pilot. So, it's time to give the rotor-heads some love!

First: the United States Army...

Now That's Flying!
Next up: the United States Navy...

SH-60 Seahawk

Things That Go "BOOM"

My guys: the United States Air Force...

MH-53 Pave Low

HH-3 Jolly Green Giant (Vietnam)
Last (certainly never least): the United States Marine Corps...

AH-1W Super Cobra
A USMC CH-46E  of HMM-162 Lifting Off from USS Kearsarge

Let's see some mini-gun action...

Helicopters don't move all that fast, but they kick butt!

Now I know this next beast isn't exactly a helicopter, but t'ain't 'zactly an airplane neither!

But it rocks!

V-22 Osprey

A wee bird ('twas a Robin methinks) reminded me that I FORGOT SOMEBODY!

Yes, the United States Coast Guard! How could I forget these valiant men and women.

"You have to go out...
you don't have to come back."

MH-60 Jayhawk
HH-65 Dolphin
Semper Paratus!


  1. Ummm... wait. Isn't still Thursday? Or am I confused? Oh, I know... ya gotta be somewhere tomorrow...

    Sorta OT, but not (helicopters, and all): have you been watching the PJ series on the NatGeo channel? That's some seriously good teevee, much better than I thought it would be.

    1. Yes Buck, I published the Friday Flyby on Thursday. Wasn't sure if I was going to have time to get on the computer Friday morning, so I shipped early. Anyway, it's Friday morning now and I am on a computer, so it was much ado about nothing.

      I have not seen that series, I shall have to hunt for it. PJs are cool folks, crazy, but cool.

  2. If you ever get to Phoenix (Scottsdale Airport to be exact) go visit the Dillon Precision factory and walk in store. Time permitting they'll give you a tour of Mike Dillons' hanger with all his toys and some of the Dillon Aero stuff (yes, I mean miniguns....) If you call or write in advance I'm sure they'll set you up. Of course, they also make some of the best reloading equipment you can buy.

    1. Huh? Did you say mini-guns? Nice.

      I may visit Phoenix someday, the Missus Herself has kin round those parts.

  3. Not the same theme as you're on this week, but I know you'll like this one: Fast forward to 1:15 for the start of the good stuff.

    1. I shall have to check that out. Your YouTube linkees are always awesome. Thanks Tuna.

  4. About the only positive thing about steaming with a bird farm was the helo that brought mail to the ship on an almost daily basis.

    1. There is that.

      Then there's the story the Nuke told me. She's on board the Ike, off the coast of one of the sandier regions of the world. She's expecting her brand new passport, any day now. Mail arrives on the COD, as the sailor types are pulling stuff off of the COD, the Nuke sees what appears to be a mail bag go over the side. SPLASH!

      It WAS a mail bag. Fortunately not the one with her shiny new passport, that came a week later.

  5. While I like helos, I'm not a fan of 53-based models. I've plenty of time in Paves and HH - 50,000 parts flying in loose formation with any single one of them seeming to have veto power. I prefer 60s even if they don't have the legs of the larger frames. Still, nice shots. I've seen some interesting HH-53s pulling anti-mine sleds that make for pretty shots.

    1. I figured that it was about time I gave the rotary winged types a little love.


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