Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ah, Spring...

Friday Morning
The weekend has arrived. It's a gorgeous day. I do have to mow the lawn (as the more discerning among you may have gathered from today's opening photo) but that activity has not yet begun to wear me down. This will only be the second time I've cut the grass this year. Today's kind of a pictorial day. (Which means I'm not feeling all wordy don't you know?) But hey, while it may not be precisely mathematical, one picture is worth a lot (but a thousand words? Really?)
Our Fish Are Enjoying the Weather
The View from Upstairs
The Neighbor's Bonfire Peach
(Couldn't Resist It. Beautiful, Neh?)
Daffodils and Bleeding Hearts
One of Our Two Weeping Cherry Trees
Lots of Color!
Our Sundial
Out Front
Still Out Front
One of the Weeping Cherries
You May Remember Him from Last Winter...
Yup, That's Him
(Just One Month Ago!)
The Pond at Chez Sarge

Yeah, I like Spring. (But I need to go cut the grass! Be back later!)


  1. What a great looking yard.. for sure you make a great yard boy. I could be wrong, but I'm assuming you provide the labor and your wife is the creative force (force may be needed to motivate the yard boy at times?!)

    1. The Missus Herself does 99% of the work. I'm only called upon to "pick things up and put them down."

      I do have to cut and trim the grass. The rest of it is all her.

      She amazes me!

  2. Nice yard, but it looks like too much work! If you need a break, check out some of these videos. This is a HUGE repository for aviation vids:

    1. Wow. I think I know what I'll be doing in the hotel this week. Watching some of these videos. Quite a collection!

  3. That is some kind of swell yard you've got there. Nice job. If I had a layout like that, I could very much dig setting up a hammock and laying out amidst the niceness, listening to a Sox game on the radio and enjoying a cool brew or two. Of course, if I did that often enough, then the yard would become an overgrown mess and not hold the same charm.

    1. There is one day a week where the Missus Herself and I get to actually kick back and enjoy all that. Usually on Sunday. Grass being cut on Saturday, no work to be done on Sunday, we can sit down and just say "Ahhh". Which we did, this morning. It was nice.

  4. What great color... particularly the cherry trees. We're BIG sakura fans here. All y'all have certainly put a lot o' work into the yard and it shows. BZ, as the Squids say.

    1. I will fess up, the Missus Herself does the bulk of the gardening. I do the weed whacking, the grass cutting, lift heavy things and pull rocks out of the ground which the Missus Herself simply can't lift. I can only take credit for the pictures of the stuff. Not the actual doing of the stuff.

      And the 桜 (sakura) are gorgeous. Of course, "they're all perfect..."

  5. Great looking yards! I'd provide pictures of mine but there's this bird in the way... and cat.

    1. A bird and a cat in the way? Are they co-existing?


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