Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm traveling again. Back Up North I am.
(To my Canadian readers - I'm still well south of your lovely country, I'm just further North than I am normally. What passes for normal around these parts that is.)

So bear with me, I will be posting this week. Just the frequency of said posting will be down somewhat. As in, "Geez, you didn't post at all on Sunday!"

Yup, my bad. Got lazy. When I got to the hotel I thought about it. Then realized that the hotel has HBO. And HBO had a movie on which I had not seen. One thing led to another...

But, enough excuses. I'll be back in the thick of things later today. I hope.

We shall see.
(I'm getting too old for this traveling schtick!)


  1. "(I'm getting too old for this traveling schtick!)"

    It got old for me after the first time.
    Funny, though, vacations are different.
    Wait... make that voluntary trips are different.

    1. I hear you on that. Voluntary trips and vacations do not a one-to-one correspondence make.

      Did you like the varying size fonts in the post? You inspired me. Sort of...

  2. Nice pic. Yours? Or Google's?

    I hear ya about old and traveling; it pains me to drive the four hours to ABQ. Not physical pain, mind you, just psychic angst.

    1. I confess 'tis a Google.

      There is a great deal of psychic angst and (this week anyway) a bit of physical pain as well.

      Four hours to ABQ? Man, that is painful!


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