Thursday, April 4, 2013

Old NFO - Good One

The Old NFO may be on to something.

Read this. Makes ya think, doesn't it?


  1. Yes, it makes me thing that some of the gun control advocates know these facts very well, but that doesn't matter to them. Some feel they have to do something to assuage their guilt and feel they are doing something. Others believe that this is just the first step required to outlawing guns all together- which will eventually, (100+ years?) eliminate guns in society in general. I don't think they believe it's just assault-style weapons, or pistols, or large-cap magazines- it's eliminating any and every weapon that is their eventual goal.

    1. "It makes me think" vice thing... Too fast on the enter button again.

  2. Interesting. As a Proud Republican who has never voted for a Dem. I still believe making guns a little more difficuult to buy, especially rapid fire non-hunting or sporting weapons and requiring some test to prove competency would make things a little saner without infringing on anyones rights. Having read this article, perhaps Democrats aught to be scrutinized a bit more than Republicans.

  3. I agree with both of you. In order to possess a weapon, one should have some training. We don't let people drive a car with just a background check.

    But as far as registration of firearms and banning them altogether, that is the goal of the Progressive Elements in the nation. If you disarm the populace, it's easier to control them.

    Don't look at the facts, they say. We're supposed to trust them I guess.


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