Friday, April 26, 2013

Challenge Flag

If there was any doubt in your minds that we are being led by complete idiots, go read this. Methinks The Chief is onto something!

It seems to me that the politicians in this country are either incredibly stupid or incredibly evil. Is it possible for them to be both? Of that I'm not sure.

If you're still wondering about our "leadership", go read this. Kris pulls no punches, the language is a little rough, but hey, these are rough times.

So I'm throwing out the challenge flag America. Are we going to let this new class of royalty decide what's best for us? Or are we going to stand up and make them cease and desist. They work for us. Not the other way around.

At some point in time, these benighted fools in Washington and in each and every state capitol got it into their pointy little heads that they're better than us! How dare they!

It's time to start writing letters and sending e-mails. Let these jackanapes know that we've had enough of their unconstitutional antics and are fed up with the way they squander our money.

Yes, I said it. Our money. Those tax dollars they so love to waste came from us, it's our money, it's our country.

Let's take it back. Let's resolve to vote the ba$tard$ out of office in the next election. Let's get rid of them before it's too late. Make them go out and get real jobs.

I've had enough.

Oh, one last thing. It's about Boston, and Patriot's Day, and the Constitution of these here United States. Boston Maggie says "I believe in America". So do I, she makes some excellent points.

That's all I have. Rant complete.


  1. Sigh. "Throw the bastards out! Except for MY bastard, of course."

    Which is why we're doomed.

    1. And that is the crux of the matter. Too many folks think "my guy is fine, it's your guy that sucks". What we need to realize is that pretty much all of them suck. We need to start with a clean slate. Too many crooks and aristocrat-wannabes in office now. Giving away the country and destroying everything which makes us great. We either accept our eventual fall or we fight back to give our grandchildren some hope. (And I mean real hope not that crap the current pResident is shoveling!)

  2. Ever feel like you're p$$ing into the wind, swimming against the tide etc etc whenever you talk about the state of our country? Seems the 'sheeple' (mentioned in one of your blog links, I love it) are really more like lemmings, lined up to follow one another off the cliff, oblivious to the b$ the greedy pols they elect are pulling left and right.I've never been on a large ship, but they say(and you know 'they' are seldom wrong) it takes a mile or more to slow and reverse direction. I'm positive there has been no thought to starting that process. Maybe I should take up heavy drinking as a hobby, probably be more satisfying than trying to talk sense to the Progressive Elements.

    1. Drinking DOES help. Go ahead... ask me (or VX) how I know. ;-)

    2. It is frustrating as Hell. And "they" were right it does take a while to stop a large ship. But once the a$$hats in charge run the ship of state up on the rocks, we'll be stopped. And screwed!

    3. Maybe I will start drinking more. Hell it can't hurt right?


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