Friday, April 12, 2013

The Friday Flyby - 12 April

I love this photo. Speed and power. I think the F-4E conveys both. She was the sleekest of the Phantoms, and the most deadly with an internal 20mm cannon.

Of course, the Phantom also carried a pretty useful bomb load as well. From the tail code on this guy "SP", the bird is out of Spangdahlem AB in Germany. And from the looks of the terrain in the background, they're out at the range somewhere in the vastness of the American Southwest. (Because nothing in Germany looks even remotely like that!)

Here's some good stuff on the Phantom from the History Channel:

And if you've got the time to spare, check this out. (Yes, Buck I know it's the Navy, but this episode of the series was AWESOME!)

The History Channel's "Dogfights" series is well worth watching.

Just one more picture (and note the name just aft of the radome).


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    1. Nothing like a wee bit of Phantom pr0n to get the blood pumping.

      I just noticed the tail code on the lead-in Phantom, did you?

      It's rather appropriate that you would be the first to comment today.

  2. And from the looks of the terrain in the background, they're out at the range somewhere in the vastness of the American Southwest.

    Waaay too green for the southwest. Pee-Eye, mebbe? But what would a bird from Spang be doin' in the Pee-Eye?

    I've seen all of THC's "Dogfights" series, back in the day when they still had actual HISTORY shows. Now it's all Dumpster Divers, alligator wrestling rednecks, tree killers and other interesting stuff. (/snark)

    1. Too green? Hhmm, you've a point there. Could be some European range but the terrain just doesn't look right. Pee-Eye? Don't think so, like you say, why would a bird from Spang be way out there?

      Yeah, they SHOULD change the name of the History Channel. Not much history in it nowadays!

  3. My contribution. I hope this counts...

    1. Oh it counts very much! That's some nice footage there Tuna. Thanks!

    2. I'm not sure why those youtube links don't actually show up as hyperlinks here. Is it the formatting of your site or do I need to use some sort of secret code? I noticed that people posting to hizzoner's site would have formatted text like bold, underlines, italics, etc., but I never figured out how to do that.

    3. I don't know how to do the link thingee in the comments either. Haven't figured out yet how to do bold, italic and such either. Perhaps Buck could tell us how the magic works?

      I didn't comment enough over Hizzoner's to go gettin' all fancy. Someday I need to learn how to do that in Wordpress too. So many tricks, so little time!

    4. From an e-mail I send to friends who ask... I'll send it to you under separate cover, Chris, coz colors don't work in comments.

      syntax for posting links in the comments: > (left arrow, shift-comma, no space before the "a")a href="|_2008_Cadillac_Retention_|_IMG_Cadillac_CTS_|_Cadillac_CTS_HV_|_cadillac_cts&gclid=CMfKs_OGtKACFR1fswodGXrcUA"(right arrow, shift-period)Cadillac CTS(left arrow)/a(right arrow)

      Step One: paste the url you want to link in the yellow highlighted space as above, i.e., INSIDE the quotes.
      Step Two: Type the text you want to see in your comment in the blue highlighted area (NO quotes).
      Step Three: Highlight the entire phrase and copy. Then paste where ever you've a mind to... this would be the result in the example above: Cadillac CTS

    5. Good ol' Buck. Ask and ye shall receive.

      Thanks Tuna

    6. And the little experiment above shows that I was able to figure it out.

      They're good instructions if I can figure them out!

  4. This one's pretty good too. Shows some carrier footage. Brit, not USN, but still good.

    1. See today's post. You essentially built it, I just put some trivial words around the awesome videos!

      Thanks Tuna.

      (Also see Buck's response above for pasting links in a comment.)

  5. Sigh. Made me miss Ed Rasimus.


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