Monday, November 18, 2013

Exciting Times

This is called foreshadowing...*
So yesterday the original plan was to tell you of my adventures on Saturday. Then I went off on that pseudo-rant about religion. Well, sort of a pseudo-rant. Sunday morning in church was interesting, I think the Missus Herself was a bit worried I might act up. I was worried that I might act up.

It was one of those times when I came very close to saying "are you kidding me?" and storming out of a place. I have done that on a couple of occasions in other venues. But never in church. I have too much respect for my church family to disrespect them like that. No matter how far off topic I think the pastor has wandered.

And he does tend to go on a bit. When he starts saying, "don't worry, I'll get you out of here on time", that means he's going to go into overtime. If he says "long story short", he means the exact opposite. I think his picture is in the dictionary next to the phrase "beating a dead horse".

The Missus Herself swears that my inner child is starting to take over at the controls. He might be. I find that as I get older, I find the need to point out the crap in society that I don't particularly agree with.

So be it. Though I have not lost all my inhibitions, the current state of American society is such that if someone doesn't speak out, who will? So from time to time I feel the need to express myself.

So, on Saturday I bought new tires for the Big Girl. (My ride, if you must know.) (And for those keeping score at home, that probably was the crappiest transition from one topic to another in all of recorded history.)

The tires I had were, much like me, getting old and worn out. They were starting to lose their grip (again, like me) and could even be considered too hazardous to be out in public. (Okay, not gonna state the obvious here, I think you get my drift.)

It has been a while since I have had to purchase new tires. And certainly I've never had to purchase tires for what is termed a "Sport Utility Vehicle". These types of automotive conveyance have larger tires than a sedan or coupe. (Why does a chicken coop only have two doors? Heh.)

Larger means, yes you guessed it, more expensive.

So Saturday I spent the bulk of the afternoon at the tire place. It's okay, the weather was gorgeous, I sat outside in the sun reading a book (about snipers if you're curious) and really enjoyed myself. I probably would have been at home cutting grass or some other such foolishness if I hadn't been at the tire place. Not sure what the enjoyment factor would have been, but typically for lawn mowing the enjoyment factor is very, very low. Almost non-measurable without the sort of equipment you might find at NASA.

So Saturday was enjoyable. I was outside, enjoying one of the last warm days we'll probably see for a while here in Southern New England. Reading a good book.

All for the low, low price of $784.15.

Like I said, not cheap.

* Actually those are called "tires".


  1. No matter how far off topic I think the pastor has wandered.

    And he does tend to go on a bit. When he starts saying, "don't worry, I'll get you out of here on time", that means he's going to go into overtime.

    Heh. Now WHY did this song pop into my mind? The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

    1. Heh, good one.

      (I had to pull you out of the spam filter today. Hhmm.)

  2. Seems to me the last tires I bought were somewhere in the same price range.
    They were for a 19 year old convertible.

    1. Sucks when the tires are worth more than the car. I guess that's possible these days.

    2. Sometimes the intrinsic value of something can't be measured in dollars.

      I get that Skip, I really do.

  3. Next to newly cut wood or gun powder, my third most beloved smell is the inside of a tire store. Did I just put that in PRINT? I am a female. Honest. Oh....and a leather saddle. Nothing smells better....

    1. That is not an unpleasant smell, I'll give you that.

      Leather saddle, oh yeah.

  4. That is not a bad price for a little larger sized good tires, nowadays anyway.
    It was right around $500 for new tires for my Honda Element and I did shop around.

    Don't get me started on what it cost for tires for my motorcycle though.
    Which would not be that bad if I did not put 10 to 15 thousand miles on it each summer.
    That works out to one to two sets of tires every year.

    1. Ouch. While I didn't go for top of the line tires, I didn't go low end either. Yeah, I feel pretty good about what I paid now.

      I had no idea that motorcycle tires were so expensive. Double ouch!

      (By the way, great picture Jon!)


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