Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two New Members!


Wow, three new members this week. First Flit and now two more today! I guess I can let the press gang stand down this weekend!

Seriously, please give a hearty welcome to Diogenes Sarcastica (his real name, I'm sure). Diogenes has a pretty awesome blog here.

And to little lotta, who blogs 
here. (And I love the name "Witless Relocation Program". I think I'm eligible!) Be nice to lotta, she's armed.

So welcome aboard.

New guys buy the beer.

The broom and mop are in the closet behind the bar. (Just in case the crowd gets rowdy, again.)

Don't mind that "whatever it is" on the floor in there, Virgil assures me it's dead. And I'm sure Juvat and Flit will back him up. At least it hasn't started to smell yet. So I'm not sure I'm inclined to believe them. (Maybe it's sleeping? Oh Lord maybe it's another Phantom pilot, they seem drawn here.)

The Old NFO and the Cap'n of HMS Defiant continue to remain moot on what, exactly, it is. And how, exactly, it got there.

Buck just keeps mumbling "wasn't me". Suldog just sits in the corner smiling, like he has a secret.

Six, ORPO and Murph just keep pointing at Joe. And Joe fumes and grumbles about it being "Skip's fault". Yeah, it's like that around here.

c w and the WSF were both out of town that day. At least that's what they claim.

I'd blame IT, but seriously he scares me. Suldog says he's demented. Suldog would know.

The ladies (Kris and Angel) are too well behaved to do anything like that. So they told me, and I believe them. They scare me more than IT!

Proof would never do such a thing. I mean c'mon, dude looks like Mark Twain!

The DiploMad? Nah, couldn't be him. He's so, ya know, diplomatic.

Hhmm, I'll bet ya it was Rumbear. I mean, look at him!

Okay, so maybe it wasn't him.

So really, welcome aboard Diogenes and lotta.

(Why do you want to know where the nearest exits are at?)

I'm going to need to retire just so I can keep up with my reading list!

And yes, this post did set my "personal best" for most links. Why?
If I didn't link YOUR blog, don't worry, someday I will. I promise.

No really,
Trust me.


  1. Wow. I've been welcomed! I'm usually asked to "Leave before we throw you out", but those places got burned to the ground. Just sayin'.

    Now I have to meet the rest of the crew, and the beer's on me! ( I spill a lot.)

    1. I have a feeling that you'll fit in with this crowd just fine.

      You spill a lot? Funny you should mention that, I have a buddy from Chicago, we call him Spill. So if you spill, just blame it on him!

  2. Heh, 'I' didn't drag it in, the Navy knows better... And thanks for the linkback! Welcome to the madhouse!

    1. Okay, you're cleared. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Navy guy who did it. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem "aquatic".

  3. Wwwwoooooooooo! I blame someone else.


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