Friday, November 22, 2013

Sometimes, No Words Are Needed...

One Nation Under God
by Jon McNaughton

I think I have a new favorite artist.


  1. We are not one nation. We are a Union of Sovereign States.

  2. One word: "Perfect".

    As to the "union of sovereign states" theory, that was pretty much settled to the contrary in 1865.

    1. Concur Murph.

      On both your points!

    2. Well, then there's that bit about "When in the course of Human Events..."

      At some point, enough is enough.

    3. Federalism versus Anti-Federalism.

      That debate has awakened again it seems. Not the first time, probably not the last.

    4. No, not really, although I get your point. While I'd want to remain a citizen in this country, I'd rather be free in a new country than a subject in what this country looks like it's becoming.

    5. I agree with juvat re: his last. If the 2nd American revolution kicks off anytime soon, I'm in on principle, especially if it's precipitated by a grab for our guns or handing out citizenship to 20 million foreign nationals currently trespassing here.

    6. I won't disagree with either of you. If it comes to some radical elements wanting to fundamentally change our way of life, I'll be beside you at the barricade.

    7. And before I forget: Y'all still got room in Texas for a fella who's not afraid to work and knows how to handle a rifle?

      If worse comes to worse, I'm pulling a Davy Crockett!

    8. Sarge, stop by my place on the way. We can car-pool.

    9. Why yes we do! Y'all come down. The weather's great (usually, rain, sleet and ice today) and people are generally friendly and reasonable, stay away from Austin though.

    10. Stop and pick up Murph, check.

      Avoid Austin, check.

    11. Don't know what was "settled" in 1865 Murphy. The Confederate States "surrendered" is what actually happened.States are starting to push back again. Just need a little more weight and momentum. Our Constitution does not give the federal government the right or power to "settle" Constitutional questions with arms Sarge, it was 'We the People" through the Sovereign states that gave rise to and empowered the federal government. There are still some State's rights the Federal government won't abrogate; not a lot, but a few remain. One popular definition of "nation" is "a large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory." Not much left in common to unite the aggregate of modern American peoples. Certainly not religion, language (maybe 5 different languages on the last ballot I saw), descent, history, or culture.

    12. You raise a number of good points Mark.

      While I won't attempt to speak for the artist, how I interpret the painting is that in many ways we once were One Nation Under God, now, not so much.

      I think I'd like to address this whole issue in a separate post. I'd love to hear more from you on this topic as it's obvious to me (based on your second comment) that you've thought about this. A lot. If you'd like, shoot me an e-mail at

      As someone once said, I may not like your opinion but I will fight to the death for your right to express it. And then again, my not liking someone's opinion in no way makes that opinion any less valid than my own opinion. While it's my blog, that doesn't make me "right" all the time.

      Hope to hear from you Mark. Good stuff.


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