Thursday, November 7, 2013

What? Another One!

Yup, that's right boys and girls! We have another FNG, uh, er...

Sorry, let me explain.

You see Dave is an Army chaplain, so I'm being a bit circumspect in my normally obstreperous remarks.

Then again, Dave also used to be a Marine, in fact he was in artillery!

Yeah, those guys!

So tread warily around this one!

Nah. Seriously, Dave is a great guy. He blogs here and here.

Over at the Lexicans, we call him "Padre".

Dave's goal in life is to be a Navy chaplain. 'Tis a worthy goal.

Nevertheless, he is the latest of the FNGs (forgive me Padre, I couldn't help myself) so the beer is on him.

But hey, he is a chaplain, so he's an honorable guy and...

Where are those cigars I just bought!



  1. I think the Padre would say he is still a Marine, in spirit if not in Uniform. Hey Mr. Harvey, nice to see you again. So many Lexicans out there!!! I think kind of like not being an ex-Marine.

    1. You're probably right Ron. Once a Marine, always a Marine.

  2. Well, aren't you getting all popular! Welcome Padre. "Bless the wine, but the beer's all mine!"

    1. I know, lately it's been an embarrassment of riches.

      Not sure I deserve it, but I'll bask in the glory of it for a while.

      Sic transit gloria mundi


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