Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Member Alert!

In keeping with long-established (okay, so it's not quite two years) tradition, we here at the Chant du Départ (well, actually it's just me, well, Tuna is involved - the retired Navy guy, not the fish! - but I do all the FNG posts) would like to welcome, yet another, new member.

BadgerMedic, welcome aboard.

As a medic, I'm assuming that you are well aware of the medicinal benefits of alcohol. As the FNG, you are responsible for dispensing medicinal alcohol in the form of fermented beverages such as beer, ale and stout.

That is, you're buying.

Of course, it's all virtual (please don't anyone tell Virgil and spoil it for him) so no one will get hurt.

As you also bear, as part of your moniker, the term "Badger" I'm assuming that you hail from the great state of Wisconsin.

No problems with that here. I love the Packers and cheese.

If you're not actually from Wisconsin and actually are a short-legged omnivore in the family Mustelidae which also includes the otters, polecats, weasels and wolverines, my apologies. I think badgers are pretty cool animals.

And not to be trifled with!

So, I yield the floor to the peasants my readers who will now, no doubt, haze and torment you without mercy welcome you with open arms.

Again welcome.

Where is my beer?

Heh. Just kidding...

Sort of...


  1. He does know there's a bunch of French spoken here along with all those well thought out posts and other real cool stuff right:) Who needs that.

  2. Unfortunately the 8 years of French taken in school has left this half-empty cranium…

    You are correct on a number of your assumptions; (Flight)Medic - check. 'Sconnie born - check. Beer & Cheese? Need I ask?

    I am also a bit familiar with the Phabulous Phantom being an offspring of a former driver… I have to confess, that is what drew my eye the first visit.

    1. Well, to confess, I use Google Translate a lot. I remember enough high school French to recognize correct usage so that helps. While Google Translate isn't bad, it does do some odd things from time to time.

      Offspring of a phormer Phantom Phlyer? Heck, we're practically family! (Couple of old Phantom drivers here and more than a couple of Phantom phixers as well.)

      Seriously though, welcome aboard. Glad to have you, Doc. (I tend to refer to all medics/corpsmen/doctors as Doc. Said with a great deal of respect I might add.)


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