Sunday, November 17, 2013


November Sunset
What are we?

Why are we here?

Are we just a cosmic anomaly, just a random byproduct of something which somehow became alive eons ago in the primordial ooze? Are we simply the descendants of some haphazard combination of chemicals which somehow, in some yet-to-be-determined scientific process managed to not only survive but diversify to spread life across this planet we dwell on?

I for one, think not.

First of all, let's get one thing clear, I am no scientist. I don't actively seek the answers to the mysteries of the cosmos. I am not trying to figure out what makes everything tick.

Nope, I'm just a guy trying to make a living and trying to enjoy the many wonders around me. Sure it's interesting to understand the inner workings of things, but not at the expense of losing that sense of wonder, that sense of awe at the beauty of all that is.

There is a tree in the parking lot where I work. It is some type of crabapple tree. In the fall it has many, many small red berry-like things hanging from its branches. Upon closer inspection they look like very small apples. If you break one apart, it looks and smells like a very small apple. Which, of course, it is.

Well, these tiny apples stay on the tree long into the dead of winter. Apparently they begin to undergo some sort of fermentation process when it starts to get cold. (I was told this by someone in a position to know such things.) The birds love to eat these little apples.

So, back to that specific tree in the parking lot (for these trees are all over the place on the grounds of where I work). On a few sunny days over the past couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to walk by that tree around lunch time. And that tree is filled with cow birds.

Brown Headed Cow Bird (Molothrus ater)
Male and female, they all sit in this tree chirping and making other melodious noises. It is quite pleasant to listen to them. And if you walk by quietly and pretend not to notice them, they are content to continue their conversations. While partaking of those little, fermenting apples. Rather like a neighborhood pub at lunch.

I marvel at such things. I don't much care why they do it. I just enjoy the fact that they do.

I'm sure some scientist could explain it all to me, but I don't want them to. I really don't.

My spirituality, my religion if you will, is very much like that. I do not want it explained, I do not want to study it.

I want to witness the power and majesty of God, Creator of all things.

In such things as a beautiful sunset in November.

In such things as the contented twitterings of my fellow creatures on this planet. Enjoying the last few sunny days before the North wind brings the Arctic cold down upon us.

I will watch the Atlantic rollers breaking upon the rocky shoreline of my beloved New England and marvel at the sheer magnificence and beauty of it all.

There is my church, there is my religion.

It is out there, in the wind that touches my face. In the songs of the birds. In the cries of a newborn babe. In being with good friends. Visiting with my Mom.

In the voices of my wife and children.

In the smiles and laughter of my grandchildren.

There my God reveals Himself to me. It is in the love of all these things that I worship my God.


  1. You're not alone in your spirituality as many people believe in God in a similar manner to you. I enjoy the fellowship that I get through my own faith; the community of believers, including my family that tends to lift me up and help my faith. I don't regularly question much about my faith- it's belief without proof. And even if I had more scientific answers, that wouldn't shake my faith, nor give me anything to strengthen it. As I get older, I am learning to slow down and enjoy more of the majesty and splendor of God, and those simple pleasures you describe.

    1. I do have a church family whose company I treasure. It's just lately that our interim pastor is pushing some doctrine that I ain't buying. I know in my soul and heart that he is wrong. Dead wrong.

  2. Yup... this (what's in the post) is the sort o' spirituality I can most relate to.

  3. If there was no God, the world would be in black and white.

    1. I know some people who see only black and white ...there's no grey
      Does that mean they have no God?
      I know they've no sense of humor

      I think maybe that's so
      I know they've no sense of humor

    2. I think people with no sense of humor have no soul.

  4. Amen, Sarge.
    My spirituality is very personal ...and still evolving I learn to understand God.
    I periodically check back with organized religion.
    But as long as they judge others, I'll have little to do with them other than to pray for them.

    1. You've described it nicely Skip. While I do partake of organized religion, I do have issues with it from time to time. Seems that this is one of those times. But the road goes ever onward.


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