Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zumwalt Timelapse

PCU Zumwalt* goes into the Kennebec.

I enjoy these kinds of things. YMMV.

*PCU = Pre-Commissioning Unit. She won't become the "USS" Zumwalt until she's commissioned.


  1. It's too bad they don't send 'em down the ways any longer... we loves us a big splash.

    (Parenthetical aside: MASON (DDG-87) was the last ship launched at BIW in the old traditional way. SN2 was the PCU CHENG on MASON (and after she was commissioned, too). I have a coin from "the last launch.")

    (Parenthetical aside, Part Deux: Cheesy boat-launching music is better than cheesy airplane vid music.)

    1. I knew that your SN2 was a plank owner on MASON. Did not know that she was the last to "slide down the ways".

      And that boat-launching music was NOT half bad, now that you mention it.

  2. Very cool! Never knew they floated them like that now.

    1. It's not like the old days but from what I understand, there's less possibility of damage to the ship doing it this way.

      It's certainly gentler, but yeah, that big splash Buck referenced was pretty cool.

    2. Very nice. One would hope though that they could handle a little rough handling given the way ensigns drive.

  3. They don't let the SWOs actually 'drive' the boat either into or away from the pier anymore... sigh


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