Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Milestone Approaches

A milestone approaches.

Noticed that just a few moments ago.

At the current rate of people and spam-bots touching base here, this will probably tip over the quarter million mark tomorrow. Later today is a possibility.

Be still my heart.

Exciting times! Though YMMV.

I will have a real post for later, have to run some errands right now. I would apologize for sleeping late, or for not writing anything last night but...

Yeah, but what? Pretty sure no one gets up at the crack o' dawn on Saturday to see what I've written.

Pretty sure.



  1. Is this where we say, "Thanks for the warning?"

  2. Ahh, but so will we. Forewarned is ... well, you get the idea. :)

  3. 0727 CST. Thank the Lord, you at least had CW's airplane picture at the top still. Complete Cold Turkey would have been tough!

    1. I normally try to write something the day before, but Friday night I was indulging myself watching multiple episodes of Lilyhammer.

      Besides which, I get kinda lazy on the weekends.

      But not a bad idea to make sure there's an airplane up top somewhere!

  4. I'm assuming the quarter mill has been hit onward to a half! Congrats.

    1. Not yet, but should happen real soon.


  5. Replies
    1. Roger that. Message received. Wait until Sunday for a surprise.


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