Monday, April 7, 2014

Frühling ist Entsprungen*

Amidst the detritus and debris of a long winter,
the daffodils are blooming!
While I do consider myself to be a "manly man", though not to this extent...

I do have a girlie sensitive side.

Hard to believe that the crusty old Sarge would admit that. But there it is. I'm kind of disappointed that I'll miss all of the daffodils blossoming while I'm out in Sandy Eggo.

That's what I thought you said Gunny.

As for me?

I am Sandy Eggo bound.

For Strength!
Ladies and gentlemen, my next post will be from the West Coast. See you there.

I have a plane to catch!

*Spring has sprung


  1. If you get a chance to visit the Midway, go for it... (I spent 1976-77 on it in VAW-115)

    1. If the opportunity presents itself, I shall.

  2. If I could have just one "modern" warbirds it would be the A-10.

  3. First time I saw an A-10 in person was at a Blue Angels Air Show at Sherman Field around 1976.
    THAT was the inspiration for me to join the USAF. To this day, I still look upon the Hawg with awe.

    Good Luck in Sangee Eh-geaux!

    1. Hearing the moan of those two 'fans gets me all, I dunno, excited?

      Loves me some A-10!

  4. I hope there will be pics from Shakespeare's, and LOTS of 'em.

    Safe trip, don't forget to wave.

  5. You know, from that angle the old place looks almost respectable. If you go around back to the parking lot though you can see the guy climbing off the roof with a beer keg. I miss Shakespeare's Pub. It wasn't a candle on the old Bonny Lad or the POW in her prime but a damn fine watering hole for all that. I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Next time, take pictures. :)