Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travelin' Man

So I'm at the airport, waiting for my flight. First to DC, then to Sandy Eggo. Aisle seat, then middle seat. I really must speak to my travel agent. I'm sure The WSO, my travel agent, got a good deal on the tickets. One must hope that was the case. So I will "suffer" in silence. She must buy the first round in order to assuage my ruffled feelings.

Trying to do a travelogue kind of thing today. We'll see how this goes. Really glad The Nuke got me the tablet for Christmas.

My kids spoil me.

The flight from Providence to Washington-Dulles was uneventful. Aisle seat notwithstanding, I wouldn't have been able to see much had I had a window seat, as the aircraft was a Bombardier Q400 and my row was right next to the engine nacelles. I could have looked down I suppose, but it was 10-10ths cloud nearly all the way south.

I know what clouds look like from the top. (From the bottom as well, for that matter.)

Upon arrival in DC, ten minutes late, I discovered I had to drag my tired butt from gate A1 to gate C23, not a short distance.

Originally I was supposed to have had around 53 minutes between flights. Now, ten minutes behind schedule, I had to hustle at a non-relaxed pace. A little voice in my head kept saying, "Don't worry, they'll wait for you." Another voice was telling me that this would be the day I arrive at the gate to see the aircraft being pushed back.

So I kept moving with alacrity. Finally arriving at gate C23 fifteen minutes prior to scheduled departure. To be greeted by the gate agent with "So where are you coming from?"

Thinking that this was a rather odd time to be making small talk, I was a bit nonplussed. I answered, "I've just jogged here from gate A1. And Providence. Though I actually flew down from Providence. I only jogged here from the gate."

The gate agent grinned and said, "We're still waiting for nine other passengers from that Providence flight."

So I could have taken my time.

Boarding the aircraft I took up position in that middle seat, preparing myself for a five hour flight scrunched between two other members of my species. For the moment I was alone. Finally another guy showed up, the window seat guy, who informed me that he was the last one. If I wanted I could jump out to the aisle seat, were I so inclined.

As the row in front of us was empty, and he DID say he was the last guy, I moved up a row to capture a window seat.

Okay, window seat guy in my row was NOT the last passenger to board. But there were only a few more. A very nice Asian lady and her grandson showed up to sit in "my" row (the row in which I had usurped the window seat). I asked her if she had the window seat, she said, "No".

So here I am, on the flight to Sandy Eggo, avec window seat, contemplating another three hours in the air.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The airline is providing a complimentary movie.

The earphones which are supposed to be in the seat back are conspicuous by their absence.
What cruel trick is this?

And it's actually a movie I have not seen yet and would like to see.

Oh well, I'll make up my own dialog this time and compare mine with Hollywood's at a later date.

Oh oh, the grandson of the nice Asian lady is starting to fidget, I sense a disturbance in the Force.

More to come...

Later that same day...

So I made it to San Diego. The little guy sitting next to me was awesome, Well-behaved the whole flight. The one time he started to get restless lasted for like two seconds.

Now The WSO and I are preparing ourselves for a night at Shakespeare's. More to come!

Much later, that same day...

Shakespeare's was awesome.

Deserves a post all it's own it does.

Which will happen.


But not now. For now it's to bed. For 0500 comes around early. Real early.

Until tomorrow...


  1. You seem to have made the most of whatever fate threw in your way. I assume the headphones were found? Or maybe not, considering you said you'd make up your own dialogue. In any case, enjoy your sojourn in the land of 70 degrees.

  2. Yep, used ALL the good karma on that one... Your next three flights will be hell... :-)

  3. Your travels went surprisingly well; God obviously likes you. :) And never-you-mind about Old NFO's comment; he's jaded by all the air miles. Heh ... and I suspect he'll make me pay for saying that. :)

  4. Hey Sarge....still in SD? Shoot me a message on FB.


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