Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In the News

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced today that the Old AF Sarge was being recalled to active duty and would be promoted to General. Effective immediately.

Sources inside the Pentagon say that the Secretary has been under a lot of stress lately and wanted to "show everyone who the damn boss is around here!"

When asked for his thoughts on this surprise move by the SecDef, MSgt Buck (of Exile in Portales fame) said -

MSgt Buck's other comments were, in essence, unprintable.

In other news, the Air Force has announced that, "apparently pigs can fly and no, we're not talking about the F-35!"

Not the F-35

No comment...
Yup, slow news day.

Oh yeah, it is April Fools' Day.

Or is it...?

No retired Air Force Master Sergeants were harmed in the making of this post. Well, there was one but we can't talk about that. For legal reasons. Or something...


  1. Heh. I'd be a two-striper if they recalled ME. Someone has to make the coffee.

    1. At SAC we had one-stars for that. Seriously. I had one tell me one day (after bumping into him in the hallway and saying, "Excuse me Sir!") "Son, don't apologize to me, I just make the coffee around here." As he held up the empty coffee pot to signify he was in the midst of doing just that.

      Just sayin', you've still got a shot at flag rank. ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your demotion. I'm sure you could do better than that if you applied yourself. You should look around for a real job. Oh, and that plane on the bottom, does it fly if it flaps those little wings really fast or what?


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