Thursday, April 10, 2014

And now for something complete different!

That's a famous picture of Betty Grable.  It's quite a bit before my time, but I understand the popularity of the photo.  It shows a nice view of Ms. Grable's legs, and another fine asset she has.  There are plenty of examples of that type of shot on the interwebs, but Sarge always keeps this a family friendly place and I want to maintain that so I'll just give a couple more that keep it semi-classy around here, but will still help make my point.

I like these retro posters and pin-ups.  Again, before my time, but this one shows another rear-aspect viewpoint.  

The caption is already in the photo! 

As does this one- merging the old look with a more updated one, yet still retro.  I can't say I only like the view from the back, but for the purposes of today's post, I'll stick with that theme and get back on track to the standard fare around here.

We all love airplanes here at Sarge's place.  And taking nothing away from some propeller driven aircraft, some jets have a distinct advantage in that they look really good from behind, with their cans lit up.

Might have been retouched to emphasize the more colorful aspects of this one, but it's still great looking.

Tomcat at Mil on Cat 3

Another nice retouched photo, or possibly a painting.  I can't tell.

VF-154 bird I think.  Probably off the Indy.

F-15 Strike Eagle, in burner with vapes.

Another F-14 shot.  I like the ones at sunset.

Not sure what this one is, but it sure looks hot.

Phantom Burner

The afterburner almost doubles the length.

I think the F-15E looks pretty badass, but even better flying away.

I tend to think of the Saab as a "Chick Car."  The Saab Draken?  Not so much. 

Three for the price of one!

Vipers in burner

No need to go all old school here- I present the F-22 in burner.
And as "new school" as you can get- the F-35 in burner.
That'll have to do it for today kids.  Tune in next time for another exciting episode of something completely (but not very) different!


  1. In burner AND watching the fuel tapes head south... LOL

    1. I forget the exact figures, but if you were at low level, supersonic and full burner in the Eagle, you had a matter of seconds before flameout. The engines were fueled from one fuel cell and fuel was pumped into that cell from others. The pump could not move enough gas to keep up with the consumption. I want to say it was 900 knots and 17 seconds, but that was a long time ago. The good news is you could gain a lot of altitude starting with 900K even flamed out.

    2. Not that I know that from experience.

  2. The subjects in each of those pics, if they were up close and personal, would definitely turn my head.

  3. Airplanes are fine and all that but I MUST say I liked the first three pics best. That's "why we fight." ;-)

    1. Gotta love the nose art...and "tail" art for that matter. Maybe WWII retro pinups can be a future post. Gotta check with the management.

  4. That Grable photo was the most popular of WWII, but I never saw the charm in it.

  5. Nice work Tuna.

    (I'm in Hanford now, nursing a really bad sunburn on my forehead. Damn overcast. Damn flight deck.)

  6. Was this the weekend of the "Take your Dad to work" tour? Better be some good war stories upcoming, then! just sayin'

    1. Yes, this was that week. Many stories to come.


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