Monday, April 21, 2014

All Things Must Pass

Another Easter come and gone. Another year older, another year closer to "going home."

Another nice weekend receding rapidly in my wake.

And it was a good weekend, The Missus Herself and Yours Truly had Easter dinner with close friends and (as always) we ate too much, laughed a lot and one or two of us had more wine than is probably healthy. (Count me among the guilty as charged in that respect.)

But when one only drinks once in a blue moon, that's okay. (Oddly enough there have been two of these "drink too much" blue moons this month. But then again, it's not every month that I go to Sandy Eggo, ride an aircraft carrier and then celebrate Easter the next week.)

Now I have a story pending, one I was going to do today, which would have required me writing it last night. That's why I mentioned the wine. Just was far too jolly to concentrate last night.

So that left me bereft of a post to inflict bestow upon you this morning. On the other hand, Bubbles and the Winnebago seems to be garnering a lot of hits. So I've got that going for me.

Now the story I was going to relate has been moved to the back burner. Primarily because the latest offering over at I don't know; ask the skipper got me a bit spun up, but also reminded me of another story. Which I need to tell.

Well, "need" is a bit strong, perhaps "want" better describes it. It's something we're trying to teach Little Bit.

"Grampa, I need a juice box!"

"No baby girl, you want a juice box."

"No Grampa, I need a juice box. NOW..."

Yes, we do spoil her.

Perhaps it's genetic, I've been known to need a Guinness.


  1. You have it, I'll take a Scotch... :-)

    1. I've also been known to "want" a Jameson's. A totally new vice. And me a decent (sic) Scotsman and all!

      FWIW, Big Time and his Dad are very much into Scotch. They're what ya might call connoisseurs. I used to love Scotch, before my drunken friends and I...

      A story for another time perhaps.

  2. For some reason we drank it with the Falklands War. We prefer scotch. A lot.

    1. Seems fitting for the Falklands War.

      Scotch is good, in smallish quantities...

    2. Not that I'm anybody to comment on "smallish quantities..." So, I won't.


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