Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thank You!

The "magical" view count went over the quarter million mark last night.

While I missed that momentous occasion (yep, watching back-to-back episodes of Lilyhammer again), FRaVMotC Juvat took a screen shot of the "magic" moment and sent it along to me. (For which I am deeply grateful!)

I have you, my readers to thank for hitting this number.

Now let's get back to it, the blog ain't gonna hit a half-million by itself now, is it?

(Just kidding, just kidding.)

Seriously though, thanks.

I think the occasion calls for, you guessed it...


VF-92 Silverkings and USS Constellation
SR-71 Habu and Phantom of VX-4 The Evaluators

Phu Cat Phantom
RAF Phantom in 'Burner
Ehhhh - WRONG!
It's a SEPECAT Jaguar in Burner! - H/T to emtgene for the correction!
F-4D with the refueling door open
(And yes, I have a story about that!)
Navy Phantom Trapping on USS Midway

And what the heck, because Juvat and I spent time in some of the same places out in Asia. And because Juvat flew Phantoms and "The Pale Gray Jet" (aka F-15 Eagle), we have some...


RF-4C Recce Bird with an Eagle Escort out of Kadena AB, Japan
(Why yes, that is a Kiev-class ship they're eyeballing)
18th TFW (Kadena) Pilots and Maintainers
Ah, what the heck...

Here's a video of a Luftwaffe Phantom over Malta.

Thanks again!


  1. I "lived" over the hill from Phu Cat AB at Lane AHP for a year. Did a lot of flying around Phu Cat going N/S on Highway 1 and into the Sui Ca Valley to the east. Got scrambled once by a Covey FAC to watch a pair of Phu Cat and a pair of DaNang F-4s demolish a .51 pit at the south base of the Phu Cat Mountains. Call signs were Cobra (same call sign as my gun platoon) and Gun Runners (I believe, may have been "Gun Slingers"). Have no idea why four F-4s wanted two Army Charlie Models on station other than impress us with the amount of ordinance they carried, it worked. regards, Alemaster

    1. Oops, Sui Ca was to the west, Phu Cat Mountains to the east. Damn, Alemaster

    2. I'll trust you on the location of Sui Ca in relation to Phu Cat.

      Also nice to have you aboard, Alemaster!

  2. :Love your site, but believe you mis-ID'ed the British 'Phantom". It appears to be a Sepecat Jaguar. Notice the curvature of the forward inboard wing leading edge, rounded wing tips and twin underbody strakes. Definitely not a Phantom unless highly modified.

    1. You are absolutely right emtgene. That photo has been bugging me all morning. For precisely the reasons you mention. Man, I trusted Google, it failed me.

      (Still an awesome photo though...)

    2. Of course, now I need to work up a post on that bird. At a glance, from below, it looked "Phantom-ish".

      Also, good to have you aboard!

  3. Thanks Sarge! I've flown most of the Eagles in those photos and, while not that particular mission, have flown that escort profile. Brought back memories! Like how Intel couldn't/wouldn't tell us what ship/type of ship/armament on board, stating the proverbial "need to know". Yeah Right!

    1. Thought you'd like those!

      (And I did check the names under the canopies, ya never know!)

  4. Does the story about the Refueling door refer to that particular Phantom and why it's missing the left drop tank, but not the right?

    1. No. But good eyes. I wish I knew the story behind that photo.

  5. Congrats on the quarter mil milestone, that's pretty awesome!!! And thanks for the Phantoms, I never, EVER get tired of Phantoms although the 15's were a nice add. I'm curious where you found the Phu Cat Phantom picture. There once was a time when that was my FB cover pic and It was given to me by an old Vietnam buddy who's no longer with us. Although a lot of years have passed, I'm pretty sure I worked on #634 many times at Phu Cat.

    1. When I did a search for F-4 Phantom images, that one popped up, though way down in the list. I found it again today, says it comes from the "F-4 Phantom II Society" at And that place has a lot of Phantom stuff!

  6. Nice ones, thanks for the great pics!

  7. Way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wow, you got me there. I had clicked on the link to your page from my favs, then went to resolve a problem in the computer field (that would be the living room, which has a new laptop child) I came back to the man cave and was finally saw picture number one, just as another call for tech help came in. They had to wait this time, as my tongue was all up in my throat. Awesome collection of shots. Thanks.

  9. Congratulations! Glad I can be counted among that number!

    1. Thanks Suldog. (And I know you have clicked more than once, and for that I am grateful.)


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