Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This Is How We Do It

Yup, after a long day in the computer lab I like to dash back to Chez Sarge, throw off my workaday clothing, pull out my best linen shirt with ruff, my very best (and puffiest) doublet and if I'm feeling particularly festive, I'll throw on a jerkin. Then I pull out the old ink pot, grab a slab of parchment, sharpen my quill and sit down to write a blog post.

While I like to educate, entertain, and enlighten you Dear Readers, it's tough to maintain the same high standards day after day. So some days you get posts about current event stuff (like yesterday) and some days you get a video. Though, yea verily, it is not all that rare in these latter times for me to give you a rerun. Not all of you have been here since the beginning...

Like when God created the Heavens and the Earth and...

No Tuna, not that long ago, but five odd years ago when I counted myself fortunate to get 30 readers a day. Why I still remember that wondrous day when ye olde hit counter soared above the half century mark. Giddy times I tell you.

So yeah, reruns for the latecomers who did not get to bask in the glow of some of my early offerings and...

Glow!?!? Have I been exposed to radiation? Is that why we've all lost our hair?

No Juvat, those old posts are not radioactive. I can't say why you and I and young Tuna are rather follically challenged. I like to think it's because of all the deep pondering we do...

This just in...

I mean it must be true, I read it in The Daily Mail!

(Yes, yes, I know it says "appear." Be quiet LUSH.)

So Sarge, come on, what's today's post topic? Socialism? Warfare in olden times? The apparent failure of education in this country?



Today you get The Swearing Robot.

Well, I thought it was funny.

For those who want to know, yes, the robot likes fire trucks.


  1. Very Funny!

    And yes, the hair thing does appear to make me more intelligent, then I open my mouth and ruin the illusion.

    1. Now is that Mrs. C's assessment? Or do you have independent research to support the "open my mouth and ruin the illusion" theory?

      Inquiring minds need to know.


    2. Okay. Same here. Wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.

  2. I saw that the other day. What a hoot!

    Kevin might be playing with fire. I was waiting for him to become a hockey stick popsicle.

    1. The popsicle thing, that would be hysterical!

  3. Definitely funny. But some of those Boston Dynamics creations are downright creepy.


  4. Wow, did you get up on the wrong side of the keyboard? Just kidding ( as we said in high school ), a good, if short, post. Thanks.

    Paul L. Quandt

  5. Ok, I just watched the video. That brings the post up to usual standards.


  6. Kinda scary and funny at the same time. FYI, ran across at the library with a 2017 published date of "The Frozen Hours", by Jeff Shaara. Novel about the Korean War, starts 2 days after the Inchon landings in mid-September 1950. So far so good early in.

    1. Love Jeff Shaara's work, I have most of his books, except that one. A situation soon to be rectified. Thanks for the review!

      Robots are always kinda scary.

  7. I dunno nothin' about hair, other than it can cover a multitude of lumps.
    Thank goodness!

    1. Says one who has it. AND a most impressive mustache!

  8. Just so. I hear there is skull paint for the follicly challenged. And you know our motto, if it doesn't move, paint it.

    1. Hahaha!

      Mine moves whenever I raise my eyebrows, so I guess I should salute it?

      The very idea of "skull paint" gives me the willies! (Which is why you will most often see me wearing a ball cap. But never in a restaurant, my mom yells at me when I do that.)

  9. Heck! I got it all wrong. I used to read Lex until my eyeballs fell out then invite him to dinner.I'm pretty sure I'm doing it all wrong. I keep telling myself to do better but I think I'm a surly mysoginist who hadn't got it right yet so I keep plugging away, doggedly. :)

    Over at my place, I left some music I really like a lot and, while it isn't there, Shadowlands by Pillobolus is up on you tube and we really enjoyed that.

    Happy the bestest and I am going to include some White Flag too.

    1. You've got your own style Cap'n, one which I find most conducive to making me think about issues from a perspective other than my own. I think you do it quite well.

      I've often wished that I could write more like Lex. But we're all different and, from my perspective at least, I could never match the man. He was just too damn good at it.

  10. Where did all the Nazi/White Supremicists come from?

    Well, I lay a good portion of the blame on LBJ and his Great Society.

    Hear me out.

    Starting in the late 1960's, there has been a systematic attack on the white culture. Nothing too obvert, but there. Schools started downgrading western European accomplishments (like, literally everything you currently use, deal with, etc, you can thank some slope-brained western European for.) Then they started attacking whites at work. Quotas, affirmative action hires, etc. It only takes being replaced by 2 or more people to start the anger.

    Then they started attacking the boy/men culture. Not the boy/men culture that they already destroyed on the reservations, or in black communities. No. They attacked the culture of men. No more Combat GI Joe, no, he has to do Ecological Work (I was there, one minute good old Joe has a gun and a recoilless rifle, next minute he's got a beard, wears fruity clothes and works in a eco-shelter (1971. Really. It totally sucked)) No more Combat. No more Sgt. Slaughter. No more Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, with the valiant Minute-MEN. Nooo. Suddenly, it was the kids of the war. Contributions by women who actually won the war. It was like England lost because the ladies could out-cook and out-sew them.

    Then, double down on minority rights. How many times do you need to see at the grocery store you and your friends spending 200 to feed your family for a month, not buying expensive meat, not getting good food, to see someone on welfare load up a cart of crablegs, sirloins and cigarettes and pay for them with food stamps. And then when you lose your job because of all the eco-fascists and minority requiring requirements (remember, it took 2-3 people to replace you, and they, combined, can only do half the job you do) and you have no income, you can't get assistance because, well, you are a white male.

    Starting to get the picture now?

    1. No argument here. You make some good points.

      Though I think you meant to comment on Thursday's post. :)

  11. So you lose your house and have to move into your car because the public housing has 'minority' enrollment requirements. And then you lose your car because you can't afford the tags and insurance.

    And your teeth start falling out because you are suffering from malnutrition, but the local clinic won't help you because they only help people on public assistance and you can't get public assistance.

    And then they tell you that you are wrong for being born white. That you are the embodiment of evil just because your genes are western European in origin. Whiteys caused slavery (first slave owner in America was black) and that you, personally, went (apparently in a time machine) to Africa and ripped their ancestors forcibly from the hands of their parents (bullshit, they were captured by other blacks and eventually sold to the Dutch or more likely sold to Arab muslims who sold them to the whiteys) and forced them on slave ships where conditions were so horrible (what, like steerage or deck passengers from Europe, who could and did get turned away in droves due to being sick or unable to work).

    And they take away your holidays. Remember Presidents' Day (a celebration of Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays) or Columbus Day or VJ Day or any day of remembrance for the lost of the Civil War.

    And they write your culture out of the text books.

    And they write your culture as bad in the movies, TV, books and any other media out there.

    Everywhere you turn, there are people haranguing you about your 'white privilege' (you know, the one that suffered the most during the Revolutionary War, the one that tried to write slavery out of the Constitution, that fought the Civil War, the Indian Wars (for the most part), the Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII (yes, some contributions by minorities, but proportionately, whites died more (and that would not have been an issue except for Woodrow Wilson and his segregationists taking over the fedgov (and, by the way, were DEMOCRATS.))

    So, all your life you've lived a life of being denied who you are. Who your parents were. Who your ancestors were. Denied by the Churches, by the States, by the Federal Government.

    1. Any chance you can move this screed to the more appropriate next blog?

      Bad day, brain hurts, too many mistakes. Not a day to operate machinery or, obviously, a blog comment.

    2. I see you did that already. I'm leaving the originals in place.

      I concur with the "Not a day to operate machinery."

    3. Thanks. Only took 20 minutes in a hot shower to get rid of the spittle on my chin and the foaming froth out of my mouth.

      They are coming to sedate me later, I am sure.

    4. Hahaha!

      If they give you a leather strap to bite down on, take it. Trust me.

    5. I did have a doctor try to talk me into electro-shock therapy.

      But, due to my raisin allergy, I couldn't handle the Currants.

  12. And the only people who will listen to you and agree with you are... White Supremacists who have co-opted the NAZI culture (which, originally, was a SOCIALIST culture.)

    This is how you get a race war. White people, especially poor white people, have been pushed to the brink. Attack the Coal Culture? That's mostly poor white people. Attack the Petrochemical Industry? Poor white people. Non-Organic Non-Granlola Farmers and Ranchers? More White People. The Military? White People. Factory Workers? White people. Truckers? White people.

    And now you have... Nazis and KKK and other pro-white groups that suck.

    Ask yourself, can you start a white student union that celebrates all European culture and is inclusive of all whites, and is non-violent and full of nice people? Nope.

    Can you have a magazine exclusively for white people? Nope.

    Can you have a group of congresscritters who openly group together under a single banner, the Congressional White Caucus? Nope.

    Back to generating more... Nazis and KKK and...

    I don't agree with them. I understand how they can be pushed into a corner. I have been discriminated against in work and by social services and in businesses due to the color of my skin and my sex.

    I withdrew from those people who were doing that to me. Was it right? I am beginning to think that the innate niceness and fairness of the white culture has held me down from getting me my equal rights, my equal place in society.

    I am not a white supremacist. But, again, I understand how they feel. Doesn't make it right. But neither does the injustice and tyranny that has slammed them for over 50 years.

    1. And that's how it happens.

      Disinherit, disenfranchise, and marginalize a group and watch what happens.

      I understand it, don't condone it. It's not how we should operate. But...

      I see bad times coming unless we get a grip and return to sanity.


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