Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yup, Tired of This Crap...

A couple of weeks ago, The Missus Herself and I are motoring on home from Sunday services. As we motor along I spy a Toyota Prius dead ahead. Mind you, I have nothing against the Prius, very economical to operate, has a number of nice features. But I digress...

First thing I notice is that the vehicle is being operated by what can only be described as an old hippie. And there on the left side of the bumper is the classic (for Rhode Island) tree hugger/environmentally conscious, de rigueur bumper sticker proclaiming SAVE THE BAY. Narragansett Bay, of course, as this is Little Rhody.

That bumper sticker didn't phase me. I've seen it, I get it, though I always want to ask those displaying it, "And what are you personally doing to save the bay?" I wonder, I really do. But again, I digress.

What set me off was the other bumper sticker, a facsimile of which (modified for my purposes) I provide in the opening graphic.

Truly, I became enraged enough that The Missus Herself became quite concerned.

"Just shut up and drive. They're entitled to their opinion."

But are they? Are they really?

Way back in 2005, maybe 2006, is when I first heard of the previous President. The media painted him as this up and coming star in the Senate. On the surface I was impressed with what they said about the man.

Then I did a little research. He wasn't much of a Senator, and he came out of the political sewer which is Chicago. So some of that initial impression soured.

Then came the Presidential elections in 2008. The WPE was opposed by a colorless functionary, whom I voted for, nervous of the slant of WPE's platform (and having a nearly life long aversion to Democrats, which now pretty much encompasses Republicans as well).

Well, we know the outcome of that affair. Oh well, I thought, might be good to have a black man in the White House. Maybe we can finally get past all of this racial crap.


WPE and his minions made it worse. Much worse. In (of course) my honest opinion.

But hey, the man won fair and square and I soldiered on. There's always next time.

We know how that turned out. I did express an opinion in these spaces regarding that. But again, I soldiered on. Did my job, grumbled, paid my taxes, grumbled some more, but had push come to shove, the man was still my Commander-in-Chief. Says so in the Constitution and everything. I would've obeyed my oath. (Which for we enlisted is a bit different from what the officers swear. See here and here. Read down a little in that last link, the Guard officer's oath is different still!)

Another election, just this last year, turned Shrillary away from the highest office in the land. I do believe we dodged a bullet on that one. WPE was bad, had she been elected, poor Jimmy would have dropped down to TWPE, if'n you catch my meaning. (Though, to be fair, who knows, Shrillary might have made an excellent President. It's also possible to eat chicken which is undercooked and not get sick. Maybe.)

Now we have folks running around urging each other to RESIST. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing. I know liberals who were convinced that it was Hitler all over again. Prayers offered up for the sanity of the Nation. Blah, blah, blah.

Seems to me that advocating resistance to the duly elected and duly constituted government of these United States is sedition, not treason, the law is pretty clear on that. (But if these "resisters" behavior encourages potential enemies to act badly, well then hello, we can revisit that whole treason thing.)

This latest affair in Charlottesville, despicable. I despise Nazis (where did all those assholes come from I ask you) and I despise socialists of all stripes and colors. (They think it's about sharing, it's always that way when they want YOUR stuff. If you want THEIR stuff, well, that's different.)

So really, are there  a lot of "antifa" (I hate that fire trucking name, they're not anti-fascists, they're leftist assholes, the lot of 'em), Nazis, and KKK in Charlottesville? I doubt it.

So where did they come from? How did they get there? How did they know what was about to go down? I'll talk about those statues some other day, those are just an excuse for the idiots who want to "make a statement." (Hhmm, why wasn't that statement made under the WPE? Hhmm. I truly wonder. In a rhetorical sort of way...)

Most of all, who organized this and paid for it? (Both groups, both of which are about as anti-American as one can be.)

Follow the money.

Yeah, I'm sick of this crap.


On the way home I saw this -

As the blood pressure went up, the jackwagon whose automotive conveyance bore that bumper sticker ran right through the red light.

Wonder what he was thinking?


  1. I think that bumper sticker is a misprint and missing a word between the first and third. Don't.

    1. +1 in spades. How many times have I heard a lib whine "I didn't think in would be like this" or "I thought it would be different". No, dumb a$$, you didn't think, you hoped, because you wanted it to be all warm an fuzzy. That's called wishful thinking.

      Meanwhile, here's a bright spot. To borrow a line from the movie 'The book of Eli', "Do more for others than you do for yourself".

  2. Powers that have never been elected are going to have the last election nullified one way or another and that is why I have voted for the last time. I am as disgusted as you are.

    1. That's my fear as well. But I'll keep voting until I can't.

  3. Not vote? Bad. I figure it's the only way that my opinion will be heard. But I still wish there was a button for " none of the above". I bet that would win.

    1. I like the "None of the above" option myself. But I would attach severe penalties to the political parties involved should "None of the above" win a majority. It's the penalty part that I haven't figured out yet.

  4. Sometime later in the 2nd term of the WPE, I left a post-it note on car to let them know someone had vandalized their vehicle. I mean, it must have been someone pranking them, right? Who in their right mind would still sport the WPE team name after the performance they had put in?

    1. Hahahaha!

      Now that right there is funny.

      Though at the same time, kinda sad.

  5. Like the new section dividers. Sort of like a wrought iron arch over a gate.

    Have been having some discussions along these lines with a couple friends. All about who gets to control the power of Government, one-sided reporting, the war on the Anglo-Saxon/Judeo-Christian culture that formed the philosophical and moral underpinnings of Western society, and the strange repudiation of evolution by academia when it comes to humans.

    Not sure where to go with things. Its worse than terrible when when it appears that the ugliest fringe elements of society are the only ones willing to take an active stand. Opportunists, surely, for their own goals. But what else will you do to try and defend your world view? Grit your teeth and vote for someone like Trump, OK. In other areas, well, one would hope things don't get so bad that turning a blind eye to "racism against racism" is all that's left. Politics has been moved into the streets over the last several years, and intimidation and riot has replace rhetoric. Really do not want to be in the position of the 1930's German middle class that didn't want Communism, but went with what was an anti-democratic party anyway.



    1. It's the progressives who have moved the debate into the streets as their tired, unsuccessful, message doesn't play any more in "flyover country." They lost, and they have never been graceful in defeat.

      I fear a conservative backlash. Hope we don't go all 1930s Germany.

  6. I worry that somewhere along the line a Governor will choose to call in the National Guard to "maintain" order
    If any of these [pick your own expletive] was really thinking... well, you can figure it out.

    1. Yes, there is that. But would the Guardsmen blindly follow orders?

      Who knows?

    2. They did in Charlottesville.

    3. Andrew, you're right. Ordered to stay away.

  7. Our system of government and way of life has been under assault by outside forces for nearly 100 years. The whole one world government thing, that has metastaticed into numerous factions, continues. What gives me hope is we are still standing despite their best efforts.

    1. Yes, the wolves have been at the door a long time. Now we have idiots who think that they can debate with wolves.

      Isn't possible, never has been.

  8. I think most Americans are as lost as I am. The really scary and dangerous ones are those who have it all figured out.

    1. "The really scary and dangerous ones are those who have it all figured out."
      I'm going to disagree with that statement somewhat. The really scary and dangerous ones are those who think they have it all figured out. They haven't actually got it figured out, but have stopped listening to any different opinions and are actively opposing them.

    2. Shaun - I'm not lost, I know what's going on, I just don't know if we the people need to step up and stop this GD madness before it goes any further or if the duly elected authorities are going to do their jobs. If those elected to do the job abrogate their responsibilities, then they need to go. Now.

    3. Juvat - Concur. How do we throttle them?

  9. Nailed it again, a most excellent post!!!

  10. Sarge, I have seen a lot of bumper stickers to make my blood boil. Forgive me if I've told this one before, but one time, coming back from LA on I-5, this little car with a "Free Mumia" bumper sticker goes flying by me. (I was doing at least the limit!) Karma prevailed and a few miles up the road, I see him pulled over to the side of the road in front of a black & white CHP cruiser. The heart sings!

    Works both ways. One time I was driving through Oakland, when this car behind me starts honking his horn like crazy. I hadn't cut anyone off and was doing the limit, with plenty of room to get around me if you wanted to go faster. Then this beater with every conceivable liberal sticker on it pulled up along side me, honking its horn, driver shaking his fist. I figured out it had to be the GW Bush sticker I had on the back, so I blew him a kiss and went merrily on my way!

    1. Bumper stickers, I tend to avoid them for many reasons. For one, they lower the value of my vehicle. It's also kinda sad (but it entertains me immensely) to see the "Bernie Sanders 2016" bumper stickers on the vehicles of so many idiot socialists.

      There are some that are just plain offensive (your first example for instance) and no doubt the Commie twit who blew his horn at you found yours offensive.

      Still and all, First Amendment rules. Even if you don't like the sentiment expressed.

      It's one thing to talk about insurrection, that's allowed, but to actually engage in it? That's a different story.

      (I liked Bush 43, FWIW.)

    2. How can you tell a Democrat's car from a Republican's?

      The Democrat's car is covered in bumper and window stickers.

      The Republican's car has resale value.

    3. I've seen a couple of vehicles out here with "Mondale/Ferraro" stickers still on them. Talk about your die hards! I just feel sorry for those folks!

    4. I'm surprised those vehicles are still running Mike!

    5. The sticker is what's probably holding the dang thing together.

  11. A couple of blog posts that shed more light on events:

    The first is from neo. Note that somewhere down in the middle of her post, she links to a Vox article (I've never read Vox & don't intend to) that claims to explain the genesis of the Charlottesville rally.

    The second is posted by the UCLA in Virginia, and goes to your point about duly elected authorities.

    1. Thanks for the links CC, I read neo, hadn't seen that post yet. The second looks interesting. I shall have to dig into those when I have a free moment!

  12. (Okay, I boo-booed and posted it on yesterday, so I'm moving this rant to today.)

    Where did all the Nazi/White Supremicists come from?

    Well, I lay a good portion of the blame on LBJ and his Great Society.

    Hear me out.

    Starting in the late 1960's, there has been a systematic attack on the white culture. Nothing too obvert, but there. Schools started downgrading western European accomplishments (like, literally everything you currently use, deal with, etc, you can thank some slope-brained western European for.) Then they started attacking whites at work. Quotas, affirmative action hires, etc. It only takes being replaced by 2 or more people to start the anger.

    Then they started attacking the boy/men culture. Not the boy/men culture that they already destroyed on the reservations, or in black communities. No. They attacked the culture of men. No more Combat GI Joe, no, he has to do Ecological Work (I was there, one minute good old Joe has a gun and a recoilless rifle, next minute he's got a beard, wears fruity clothes and works in a eco-shelter (1971. Really. It totally sucked)) No more Combat. No more Sgt. Slaughter. No more Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, with the valiant Minute-MEN. Nooo. Suddenly, it was the kids of the war. Contributions by women who actually won the war. It was like England lost because the ladies could out-cook and out-sew them.

    Then, double down on minority rights. How many times do you need to see at the grocery store you and your friends spending 200 to feed your family for a month, not buying expensive meat, not getting good food, to see someone on welfare load up a cart of crablegs, sirloins and cigarettes and pay for them with food stamps. And then when you lose your job because of all the eco-fascists and minority requiring requirements (remember, it took 2-3 people to replace you, and they, combined, can only do half the job you do) and you have no income, you can't get assistance because, well, you are a white male.

    Starting to get the picture now?

  13. So you lose your house and have to move into your car because the public housing has 'minority' enrollment requirements. And then you lose your car because you can't afford the tags and insurance.

    And your teeth start falling out because you are suffering from malnutrition, but the local clinic won't help you because they only help people on public assistance and you can't get public assistance.

    And then they tell you that you are wrong for being born white. That you are the embodiment of evil just because your genes are western European in origin. Whiteys caused slavery (first slave owner in America was black) and that you, personally, went (apparently in a time machine) to Africa and ripped their ancestors forcibly from the hands of their parents (bullshit, they were captured by other blacks and eventually sold to the Dutch or more likely sold to Arab muslims who sold them to the whiteys) and forced them on slave ships where conditions were so horrible (what, like steerage or deck passengers from Europe, who could and did get turned away in droves due to being sick or unable to work).

    And they take away your holidays. Remember Presidents' Day (a celebration of Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays) or Columbus Day or VJ Day or any day of remembrance for the lost of the Civil War.

    And they write your culture out of the text books.

    And they write your culture as bad in the movies, TV, books and any other media out there.

    Everywhere you turn, there are people haranguing you about your 'white privilege' (you know, the one that suffered the most during the Revolutionary War, the one that tried to write slavery out of the Constitution, that fought the Civil War, the Indian Wars (for the most part), the Spanish-American War, WWI and WWII (yes, some contributions by minorities, but proportionately, whites died more (and that would not have been an issue except for Woodrow Wilson and his segregationists taking over the fedgov (and, by the way, were DEMOCRATS.))

    So, all your life you've lived a life of being denied who you are. Who your parents were. Who your ancestors were. Denied by the Churches, by the States, by the Federal Government.

  14. And the only people who will listen to you and agree with you are... White Supremacists who have co-opted the NAZI culture (which, originally, was a SOCIALIST culture.)

    This is how you get a race war. White people, especially poor white people, have been pushed to the brink. Attack the Coal Culture? That's mostly poor white people. Attack the Petrochemical Industry? Poor white people. Non-Organic Non-Granlola Farmers and Ranchers? More White People. The Military? White People. Factory Workers? White people. Truckers? White people.

    And now you have... Nazis and KKK and other pro-white groups that suck.

    Ask yourself, can you start a white student union that celebrates all European culture and is inclusive of all whites, and is non-violent and full of nice people? Nope.

    Can you have a magazine exclusively for white people? Nope.

    Can you have a group of congresscritters who openly group together under a single banner, the Congressional White Caucus? Nope.

    Back to generating more... Nazis and KKK and...

    I don't agree with them. I understand how they can be pushed into a corner. I have been discriminated against in work and by social services and in businesses due to the color of my skin and my sex.

    I withdrew from those people who were doing that to me. Was it right? I am beginning to think that the innate niceness and fairness of the white culture has held me down from getting me my equal rights, my equal place in society.

    I am not a white supremacist. But, again, I understand how they feel. Doesn't make it right. But neither does the injustice and tyranny that has slammed them for over 50 years.

  15. Sorry for the 4 part (including this portion) rant. But I really have a bug up my ass, and I can't hold it in any longer.

    I have ancestors that got kicked out of England. And some that were kicked out of Canada. And one (German) who from all research was invited to leave during the unification process of the Germanies.

    I have ancestors who were religious fanatics, others not so. Some that were indentured servants (and, from reading as to the value of an indentured servant, sorry, slaves were often treated better.) I have an ancestor who was a blockade runner in Louisiana - and he didn't own any slaves. I have a poor farmer from Ohio who was a rabid abolitionist, who pissed off his fellow abos because he believed the freed slaves were just as human and smart as his fellow abos (lots of abolitionists wanted them freed, but then wanted them to go... home, to Africa.)

    I have ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary war, both as officers and as poor militia men. One fought in the Spanish-American War in Cuba and garrisoned there afterwards. Same one fought in the Boxer Rebellion. Missed out on WWI and WWII due to birthdates of ancestors, but my dad volunteered for AF flight school before the Korean conflict, and only made it over there right after the cease fire (while many younger classmen went before him, and died.) He missed Vietnam due to working on projects for NASA and other alphabet agencies during his tenure in the AF.

    I was raised to see no color, no religion, no difference, other than your food is different (and just as good as mine.) That's it. Only after becoming an adult and trying to earn a living and dealing with medical issues with me and my wife have I faces radical discrimination. Radical. I mean - RADICAL!!!!

    But I am not a 'White Power' racist. I am not a NAZI-FASCIST-Whatever.

    Caucasian is a gene expression. White European is a celebration of my ancestors (some traced back all the way to the Normans and 1066 time.) That is it.

    I am a citizen of the United States of America. I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag and to the Nation which it represents.

    I AM USA! (can someone please give me a deep well so I can kick a protestor down it? Please???)

  16. Plus infinity ( and beyond ) on the post and comments. Andrew is in top form.

    The only other thing I have to say is to repeat what I have written here and likely at other blogs. I believe that I have written it often enough that I don't need to spell it out.

    Anger is not a good or healthful thing, so I am working on keeping mine under control. ( So, the first part of the previous paragraph was not correct. )

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Anger is what you need when it is close and nasty, the wolf is on your throat, your family is behind you, and there's no where to run. Then, channel the anger.

      Otherwise, anger spoils your aim.


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