Monday, August 2, 2021

Ah, Poop. And Fried Rice! Not together!!!


Here we are...

Over a week ago, my kitchen sink sprung a leak.  Cleaned it up, made plans, bought stuffs, bought wrong stuffs.

And I still haven't been able to get to the danged store to buy the correct pieces.

But I did take the doors off the undersink area, and... I like it.  Will leave the danged doors off.  actually Seems having constant air flow helps dry things out and makes the undersink area much less stinky.  Will be even less stinky once I fix the sink.  

And I will be drilling 1" holes into the baseboard to get that area dried out.  Hopefully.

I will be going to the store to actually buy stuff tomorrow. 

I know, promises, promises.

But I have reasons... lame reasons maybe, but reasons.

Seems the latest round of wet weather has set off both Mrs. Andrew's and my allergies.  Bad enough we've had fevers, coughing, wet slugs sliming out of our sinuses, coughing up lung butter, you know, the typical bad crud that normally comes from bad allergies.  So exactly how am I supposed to know if I've got the Covidiocracy?  


So, well, by tomorrow evening at least the sink will work.

Else ritual seppuku will be performed, which will mean no ultra-vegetable fried rice for Mrs. Andrew, and she'll use her arkane powers to bring me back to life, clean up the ritual seppuku mess, fix the sink anyways and cook her the ultra-vegetable fried rice.

Ultra-vegetable fried rice is:

1/2 a large head of Napa cabbage, cut into small pieces.
About 2 cups of shredded carrots.
About 1 cup of frozen peas.
1/2 of a steamer bag of fresh Broccoli florets.
1/2 of a steamer bag of fresh Snow Peas
8-9 eggs
8 cups of cooked rice, refrigerated and then fluffed.
Badia tri-colored Sesame Seeds (not for OAFS or other diverticulitis sufferers)
Sesame Oil
Regular cooking oil
Soy Sauce

First, soak the fresh veggies before cutting them up and then let them dry. I do this at lunch time and let them dry till dinner in wire strainer baskets.

Whip the eggs with pepper and salt, whip them good.  Cook them omelet style in a nice pan. Once cooked all the way through, remove from pan and cut the omelet up into little pieces.

Take all the vegetables (after processing the cabbage, cutting the florets into manageable pieces, shredding the carrots and chopping up the snow peas) (I do this all while the omelet is cooking.)

Cook in a wok on high with a splash of cooking oil, stirring and flipping for 4 minutes, remove from wok.

Cook the fluffed rice in the wok on high with a splash of cooking oil, stirring and flipping for 1 minute, add as much Sesame oil as you want, cook for 1 minute, add Soy Sauce to a reasonable level, stirring an flipping for 2 minutes.

Add the chopped-up egg, the cooked vegetables and as many sesame seeds as you want or desire and stir and flip for 2-3 more minutes.

Makes 5-6 bowls of ultra-vegetable fried rice.

Add or subtract veggies as you want.  Onion, peppers, whatevers.

See?  This, this is what you get when Beans forgets to check the lineup at midnight, instead realizes after watching "Bladerunner - The Final Cut" and suddenly realizes Tuesday is missing.

Can't break the streak, Beans.



  1. Interesting recipe there, the Broccoli will be a no-show here though. Good luck with the store trip and the allergies Beans, remember if you don't get tested you've never Officially had the Wuhan flu........:)

    1. Wife had the "Not Flu but it's Flu," verified by tests in November 2019 as not the normal seasonal flu. We live in a college town. Early November saw a lot of 'family members' showing up at the residences of ChiCom students for 'Thanksgiving vacation.' It took until April 2020 for the final killshot against NFbiF, being a second dose of antibiotics to kill off whatever secondary effects were causing her pneumonia (even though she's vaccinated against normal pneumonia) for her to get better. Not tested as COVID but her doc admits she had it, along with quite a few patients of his. Gotten in November and December 2019 before it supposedly got here.

      And she probably got it from me, as I seem to be her disease vector. And I had a mild case of a 'cold' about a week before she went down HARD for 4ish months. So, well, yeahhhh.

      If you don't do broccoli, you can sub whatever. Mushrooms, califlower, corn (either little baby corns or individual niblets) or whatever. Though if you add eggplant, well, yech, ptooie, bleh. And you can stirfry meats and add it to the mixture, too.

  2. Thanks Beans.

    The streak continues.

    1. A streak can be fun! This one is...

    2. No one wants to see me streak. NO ONE. Something about the combination of fish-belly white skin, man-boobs, birthing hips (thanks, Mom) and what appears to be a fourth-trimester pregnancy (thanks, Grandpa Purdy) and the coordination of an epileptic spawn of Don Knotts and Jerry Lewis and... yeah... no...

      Ad to that that it has been officially measured since elementary school that I can walk faster than I can run. And that I sweat overly much when stressed and exude oil like a BP deep water rig and...

      Yeah... no....

      Clothes. Clothes are my friend. Clothes on me are your friends.

  3. I am with you on the open undercabinet Beans. At best undersink cabinets are almost always be default an accident waiting to happen as unless you go down there on a regular basis, things can get out of control rather quickly.

    Thanks for recipe. Here, we will just as often use cold rice from the previous day as newly cooked rice.

    I appreciate your dedication to the streak. Mine streak to post every day has only been fully operational for two years ago, and Dear Lord, thinking of a subject can be daunting.

    1. I tend to cook the rice at noon, portion out lunch portions of said rice (I love me some rice) and refrigerate the remainder, then fluff it up while the eggs are omeleting.

      And I'm thinking of removing all the cabinet doors on the lower section. Easier to get to, to see everything, lots of light into dark places. It's a small apartment so not a lot of places to hide things and the extra little room gotten by removing the doors would be welcome.

      Our noble host has a way of dropping posts at sometimes obscure times so I try to check by midnight, but I got complacent, didn't have a post ready and, well, there you go. Always did my college papers at the last minute under the gun and got good grades on them.

  4. You can thank chem trails for you enhanced allergies.

    1. Wish I could. It's definitely bad genetics from both sides of the family combining to make one messed up me. I've got... issues... from the really good druuuugs they gave me as a kid to slow down the allergies. Which is why taking illegal drugs to go tripping has never ever been an interest of mine, as I went balls tripping on a wild trip at 5 years old, getting sucked into the bleeding pattern on the carpet and the walls crushing down on me while fish swam through the room. Yeah...

      No. Chemtrails are not to blame. Sadly. Just genetics. Which is where I get the birthing hips, the Taft-ish belly, the moobs, the cleverly receding and thinning hair, the inability to handle the Glowing Orb of Pain, and, apparently, the ability to probably live till 95 or so while being a grumpy grumbly curmudgeon (thanks, Grandpa Purdy.)

      Now, if I was healthy, thin, could eat anything, had no allergies, didn't get sick, had good hair, I'd be thanking Great-grandma W and be dead around 65 from a massive coronary and aortic bleed (like my dad, his dad, his dad's mother...)

      I blame the idiots that keep importing new and unusual ornamental plants, the high humidity that grows mold and mildew and such.

      And anyways, everyone knows chemtrails are actually a cloudseeding project by aliens.

  5. The rice sounds great. It does, however need bacon. Oh wait :-)

    1. I agree, Cap'n Steve, of course, I'm hard pressed to find any food that isn't improved by adding bacon.

    2. If you're in Calif and you really like bacon you ought to start on building your hog pen.... state approved hog pen mind you!

    3. Bacon? In fried rice, with soy sauce and sesame oil? Bleh.

      As it is, its a relatively cheap meal as long as the price of eggs stays down.

      And, really, I'd add stir-fry beef or pork or chicken, or all three. Hmmm... stir fry beef teriyaki with rice and veggies.. mmm....

  6. I suggest that a makeshift back support board can be quickly put together from some scrap plywood and other odds and ends of scrap.
    Mine is scrap plywood cut to the largest width that will go into the undersink area and long enough that it support my shoulders, back, and butt.
    That project took on a life of its own and ended up with threaded adjustable legs because I let the whole OCD thing just have its way. I sent some photos to Sarge and asked him to forward them.
    I'm also thinking that depending on how stout it is, a folded ironing board and some books might make a workable undersink support board for apartment dwellers.

    1. Dang, JIP, I admire your subtle brilliance. Just about condemned myself to quadriplegia a week or so ago crawling under to fix the touch faucet. (That device, in and of itself, is the work of the devil). Gonna build myself one today.

    2. I just wear my wife's 'don't rip out the stitches gut girdle' and one of those lifting belt suspender thingies and it keeps my back fine. Got them around just in case.

      I have worn my back and breast armor as support while doing yardwork before. Long pants, long sleeve shirt, combat boots, breast and back, chainsaw chaps (works with weedeaters, too) and a pith-helmet, goggles, ear protection, gloves... Or when loading the car after a week of hitting people and the body's tired.

      And it's nothing new. Stress blew out my back in '83, along with giving me flat feet and a white spot of hair on the back of my head. Been dealing with bad backs since then.

    3. Though a backboard is a good idea. Hmmmm...

    4. I've yet to disprove my theory that a lot of great inventions are a result of clever people who don't want to do something the hard way twice. :)

    5. Oh, lazy people are the cause of civilization. Truly industrious people tend to do stuff the same old way.

    6. (Don McCollor)...Probably the best approach to a problem is to sit down and think about it for awhile...

    7. In the shade or next to a fire, with a cold or hot drink depending on the temperature.

  7. Beans,
    Do you suppose Sarge has been kidnapped by Neo-Navy left wingers aboard that super duper new be-all, end-all ship he's working on and is being brainwashed?
    Inquiring minds want to know, asking for a friend.

    1. Oh, no. OAFS has gone all 'squidly' on us!

      Though I'm sure his employer is just trying to maximize his time on ship in order to get their rather-expensive overgrown LCS wannabee actually certified to do something other than being a yard queen.

      That and hanging around with LUSH et al.

      What I am really wondering is how he's handling the ever-sqeezing grasp of California's governing stupidity while he's out there over the whole Covidiocracy thingy.

      And whether he's met up with Tuna yet.

    2. Unfortunately, no. No meet up as I'm on vacation in Tahoe until he departs, and his work schedule didn't allow for it before I left.

    3. Avast there ye scurvy dogs!

      Kidnapped by the Navy? Not quite...

      As for living with the Covidiocracy thing, most regular people piss on the rules. Gubmint tends to get all Sieg Heil on the damned bidness, including Big Navy.

      It's truly sickening.

  8. I had the same kind of water problems under the sink cabinet. When I did a kitchen update I put in formica topped base shelves in all the base cabinets. So far (4 yrs.), we Have not had a problem since. The plus side is they are quite easy to wipe out with a damp cloth

    1. The apartment has apparently had this problem before, because the base shelf is plywood with about 10 layers of good latex paint and all the seams are heavily siliconed.


  9. Perhaps try low gloss enamel paint.


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