Wednesday, August 25, 2021

In Case You Didn't Know...


Nope, still not in a fiction-writing mood. Not really in an anything mood. However, there is something I need to address concerning the posts you see here on The Chant.

Unlike the film Highlander, there can be more than one. At least here there actually is...

Confused yet?

Though I, the Old AF Sarge (sometimes known as OAFS), am the creator and sole proprietor of the blog, there are others who "come out to play" at various intervals. Some of whom are at well-defined intervals (juvat owns Mondays) and two of whom post seemingly at random (Tuna and Beans immediately spring to mind, mind you that is not a casserole). One blogger exists only in legend and has (as of this date) never actually published a post. That would be my youngest, The WSO, aka LUSH.

SIDE NOTE: The AF, in Old AF Sarge, really does stand for "Air Force" and not, as some have suggested, "As F**k," as in "Old As F**k." Though it fits, it really does stand for the service in which I spent 24 of my formative years.

Now why would I bring all of this "there can be more than one" stuff up? Well...

I post links to the blog on two social media outlets, Facebook and MeWe. There are occasions where folks at those two places get confused as to who posted what. Some folks assume that everything I link at those two places was written by me. It usually is but there is a chance that it wasn't. (There is a roughly 14% chance that juvat wrote it.)

For instance, juvat's Monday post dealt with a wart growing upon his stern visage. A number of people, after reading that post on the Book of Faces, asked if I was doing all right. Being confused for a moment, I assured those folks that, other than a vicious cold, I was doing fine. Then it dawned on me, they thought it was I who had had the wart removed, not juvat.

So once again, I must insist that one "read the label" included at the bottom of each and every post, to wit...

The "Posted by" is an indicator of who actually wrote the post. It will also give the time the post was posted by the poster (yes, I did that intentionally) and in two instances (as of this date) a label which categorizes the post. As of right now, only Tuna and Your Humble Scribe actually use the "label" feature of Blogger. It's something I had been meaning to do for quite some time, but kept forgetting.

Then one day, fairly recently, Tuna actually attached a label to one of his posts. I decided, that very day, to follow suit. What good is the label you might ask? Well...

At the top of the starboard-side of the blog (on computers, not on "smart" phones) you used to see this:

As of now, it looks like this:

Selecting a label from within "Labels" will show only those posts marked with that label. Giving you the freedom to wander through those posts on that particular topic without having to wade through the remainder of the dreck interesting things found on The Chant.

As an aside - Why did I change it from the "list" format to the "cloud" format? The latter takes up less space, especially as the number of labels grows, which I suspect it will/might. And because I can... (Also, it's another of those things I kept meaning to do but kept forgetting. Life is exciting when you're older...)

Why don't juvat and Beans use labels? I dunno, it ain't required and FWIW, the thought of Beans adding labels to his posts absolutely terrifies me. I cannot begin to imagine where his mind might go.

I am doing research on the next step in the War in the Wild series. Expect a few years (about three) to be skipped in order to get to the next phase in the French and Indian War. I'll leave it at that.

Be seeing you...

No, there can be more than one!


  1. Labels… I knew I forgot something!
    It isn’t too late to backtrack.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I always like to read the legend on the map. I like the way it sounds, even. "THE LEGEND of this parchment follows thusly..."
    So thanks, for the clarification. Always nice to hear.

    Take your time, and heal up. I'm doing the same.

    1. Relapse last night, coughed when I tried to lay down, fine when I sat up. Guess who didn't sleep much?

    2. She's fine, she has a Mom immune system, way more powerful than what I was issued.

  3. It took me a while to figure this out. Also the schedule, although having Juvat regularly appear on Mondays give some semblance of order to my blogging world.

    Also, of course, as one reads over time, one comes to hear the voices of the individual writers (What those voices sound like is, of course, subject to the debate with all the other voices in my head...).

    Take it easy and be well, Friend.

    1. Oh yes, voices in the head, we have them!

      Thanks TB!

  4. I shall endeavor to comply with the labeling thing, but make no promises.

    Didn't realize you were linking the blog on Facebook, but then I haven't been on it in probably 10 years or so. No sense in voluntarily giving intel to the enemy. I know, I know.....Blogger=Google.

    Have you tried a wee dram of Single Malt Scotch before bed? Cauterizes the breathing passages, I believe.

    1. The labels are not compulsory, just a thing I have always wanted to do.

      Single Malt Scotch before bed? Hhmm... A remedy my Scots grandmother would no doubt approve of!

    2. Or go olde schoole and do a nice Hot Toddy. Rum/other flavored strong spirit, orange juice and honey, warmed to a warm temperature. It's what Mrs. Andrew's (and my) Doctor prescribes for that nasty hacking cough that won't let you sleep. He says it's better than a lot of commercial and prescription only cough remedies, and doesn't have codeine or other bad drugs that will affect the pain meds (for her) or the opiate allergy (for me.)

      Plus, the make-the-hot-toddy-assembly-time can function as a meditative moment of Zen, so one can clean out the day's affairs and just concentrate on making a nice hot toddy.

    3. Sounds like a lot of work, something I'm allergic to.

    4. Sarge, a straight shot has the same effect for me, although much quicker to prepare...

    5. (Don McCollor)...May not cure it, but it makes the experience a whole lot more pleasant...

  5. I'm a simple person, I read each blog as a standalone unless it's part of serial/story (the story telling is great!) and I pretend it's a grown up doing this (this IS the internet) rather than a 35 year old living in their parents basement. :-)

    Actually it's always good reading here... Thanks!


    As to getting the posts elsewhere, I prefer the pure quill, so to speak (as, ah, I don't do fascistbooke or any other socialist media, Blogger and other blog-hosting (or blog-hosing) sites are bad enough.)

    1. Muhahahahahaahaaahahahahahaahaaaaa..

      You have chosen the form of your Destroyer.


    2. What? Not the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Oh noes!


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