Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Grrrr and Greatness and other Stuff.

 Ha.  Jokes on you. It's me, Beans.  Watching the Olympics so you don't have to.

(Written on Saturday night and now it's... Tuesday, so a bit of a time warp there, but I do make my point.)

Remember a few days ago when I went off on why the Republic of China (in Taiwan) was known as Chinese Taipei because the bedwetting Chicoms were bedwetting?  Did a little research and... At one time the ChiComs had nothing to do with the Olympics.  And then Mao died and the Powers-that-Be in ugly suits decided to fake everyone else and supposedly open up and become more worldly and bribe just about every possible official in the UN and in other Non-Governmental Organizations involved in all things worldly and such.  And thus... The ChiComs came to the International Olympic Committee, that august group of objective people who are only interested in improving the world by sports and I can't even write this carp without laughing and actually that corrupt organization of idiots, philanderers, child abusers and just cretins that gladly accepted lots of under-the-table money from the ChiComs to allow the ChiComs to compete in the Olympics as long as, yes, you guessed it, the breakaway province of the Republic of Taiwan would never ever be able to compete as the independent country of the Republic of China (in Taiwan,) only being allowed to participate (even though they've been participating for a long time as the Republic of China (in Taiwan)) as Chinese Taipei.  And to make matters worse, no national anthem of the Republic of China (in Taiwan) because it's just a breakaway province of the Democratic People's Republic of China (in Beijing) so no national anthem for them, so instead, if the Republic of China (in Taiwan) playing as Chinese Taipei (because of the ChiComs, those rat bastards) win a gold medal, the Incompetents of Cash, I mean the International Olympic Committee, plays a version of the Republic of  China's ( inTaiwan) flag anthem that leaves out the annoying part that basically tells the ChiComs to "Copulate Away and Cease-to-Exist" that is abbreviated as "FOAD."

And, of course, the 1st Loser, the ChiCom, had to post some butthurt stupidity of which I won't go into now because FIRST LUZER!!!! Dur-du-Durrrrr...

Gee, here they keep telling me the Olympics has nothing to do with politics.  Hahahahahahahahaahahahaha (snort) hahahahahahaaha.

So, well, the ChiComs got second, losing to the Republic of China (in Taiwan) competing as Chinese Taipei, in badminton (the deadly sport of whacking a small dead bird between each other...) and had to suck it when the, er, uh, abbreviated and mangled Flag Anthem of NOT the Republic of Taiwan played.  Suck it, ChiComs!  Ya Rat Bastides.  Let the Republic of China compete as the Republic of China and get over yourselves.  Guess what, you're not the Middle Kingdom, haven't been since the Mongols beat you to death and took over your country and married into your ruling class, you mongrelized (or mongolized) luzers!

This flag, the Republic of China, won't ever be seen at the Olympics.
Unless sanity breaks out worldwide.


This flag, Chinese Taipei

Because of bedwetting commies and apparently Athletes only live in Taipei or something

And they didn't get to hear this
unless sanity returns.
The National Anthem of the Republic of China (in Taiwan)

Instead they heard this
The Flag Anthem of the Republic of China (in Taiwan)
Actually a slightly modified version
Which really means... GO Republic of China!!!! WHOOOO!!!!

And on another note...

The Russians who were competing as a Committee but not as a Country (hey, Vlad, you rule a committee, snerk!) lost to the Israelis in Rhythmic Gymnastics as the supposed world best lost to a beautiful member of the IDF.  And I can't believe how teary I got when the Israeli national anthem, the "Hatikvah," was played.  Now, I love our National Anthem, and a lot of our other national songs, but the Hatikvah is so darned haunting.  Makes me cry when I hear it, all the suffering, all the fighting, all the, well, David to everyone else's Goliath.  Good job, lady!  Good job, Israel.

The Israeli National Anthem
chokes me up it does
not as much as the SSB, but...
So, well, suck it, Russia (committee, not nation, right...)

And then, watching Team Jumping Equestrian, both the semifinals and the finals, I was so struck as to the wonderful Olympics where anyone can rise above their lot in life and become stellar athletic competitors. I mean, we have the US show jumping equestrian team, which is composed of, uh, Jessica Springsteen (daughter of that idjit Bruce Springsteen) and Jennifer Gates (daughter of MicroSoft Bill Gates) in a sport where one qualifies by travelling all over the world and competing in national and international competitions on horses that cost half a million dollars and you can't even get in unless you have, well, thousand dollar boots and a fancy outfit that runs in the nature of a couple thousand, at least. (But, well, good job, girls in getting a Silver in Team Show Jumping against a very difficult field.)

But, well, all Olympic activities are open to everyone! Sure! Yep! And Politics, national and international, have nothing to do with it! Sure! Yep! Uh-huh!

That thudding noise?  Me beating my head against the wall trying to make sense of the senseless.

And, well, just because I am still an American...

Mike Rowe sings the Anthem (kinda sucks at the end, but the rest is darned good.)

Sung by the US Army Choir and band
Yes, I know, damned Yankees but it's still a great song, full of fire and hope.
(Lived in the West and the South all my life, but had people on both sides of the war.)


  1. Ya...no Russia but instead ROC......?!? How much $ changed hands for that? As to the CCP.......I learned a few Finnish words back at University to address those ar#%holes. Good choices for vids Beans, some anthems can really raise the dust level. Mainland China is this century's equivalent of last century's Soviet Union and Germany.

    1. Mainland China, the ChiComs, are this century's uglier dressed version of... Mainland China. They have always, always, been bungholes. Even the Republic of China (in Taiwan) aren't the nice, sweet, people they should be, having a rather dark cloud of subjugation and downright petty evil towards the original inhabitants of Taiwan before the Nationalist Chinese bugged out to Taiwan and took it over. Which the mainland ChiComs never ever get tired of telling everyone about, completely ignoring all the really evil sh...tuff that the mainland ChiComs did even before the Imperial Japanese invaded. Grrrr....

  2. Dumbest thing Nixon ever did was "recognizing" the Communist Chinese.

    1. Possibly, but that whole "Watergate" thing is a very close second.

    2. Watergate was small potatoes to the scandals of JFK, LBJ, FDR, BJC, WW, BHO and SloJo. It's because he was a Republican that the press hit him so hard. (That would be... babes and Bay of Pigs and FBI, all things Vietnam and social justice, screwing over the Nationalist Chinese and supporting the Communist Chinese and having his babe sleep in the WH while he was married and the whole socialization of the nation thingy, just being the Clintons and selling secrets and access to the US to the ChiComs and the womanizing and screaming tantrums in the WH, the concentration camps for German-Americans and the support of abortion and the formalization of segregation in the FedGov and so much more, and all the scandals of the Obamski era that aren't scandals according to the enemedia, and just being Biden... Yeah, Nixon was such a bad boy in comparison for using the recording system that JFK and LBJ used for much more nefarious reasons like blackmailing their political enemies... (as Watergate wasn't an authorized by Nixon event, just some of his closest supporters wanting to wiretap the phone lines used to order hookers and blow.... wiretaps... like what was used against Trump... hmmmm... What? Only dems can wiretap legally?)

      And, yes, it was stupid that Nixon derecognized the Nationalist Chinese and recognized the Communist Chinese. For that act, he's a rat bastide.

      Of course, if FDR's State Department hadn't supported Mao and the Communists (who spent more time fighting the Nationalist Chinese or not fighting the Japanese at all) and instead threw 100% support behind the Nationalist Chinese (who did spend most of their time fighting the Japanese,) well, the ChiComs may not have attained 'world power' over China. Maybe it would have broken up into Central China and Inner Mongolia would have gone with Outer Mongolia to form Mongolia and such.

  3. Haven't watched Pro or Near-Pro sports in years. Real tired of getting told how to live my life by some 7' tall guy whose only real talent is to run up and down a court bouncing a ball and throwing it at a goal. If I ever need to do that for some reason, then yes, I'll listen to him. But knowing that he's getting a big check from Nike, totally owned by the ChiComs, does absolutely nothing to make his credibility on any other subject relevant to me.
    And for the numerous "Athletes", who believe that taking a knee during the American National Anthem is brave or heroic, I call BS. That's wanting attention. If you want to be brave, do it during the Chinese Anthem while wearing a sign that says "Free the Uighurs", in Beijing. Oh, make sure your will and insurance are current when you do.
    College sports ain't much different anymore, so haven't been to a game in a few years there either. I pay a little attention to the HS Sports in the newspaper, but mostly because I know the kids. I also know the coaches would likely put a boot in their *** if they took a knee. But this is still small town Texas. The Californians that are moving here either don't have kids (Gaiea doncha' know), or send them to one of the elite private (elite private being Swahili for unbelievably expensive) schools in the area, so they don't care.
    While enjoying the BLT the other day, the bar had the Men's volleyball gold medal game on, but no sound. Because it's motion, it kept catching my eye. I realized just how bogus it is by watching a bunch of guys batting a ball back and forth over a net as if their lives depended on it. I suppose for the Russians it might have. But, it just looks like a waste of time.


    1. I want my entertainers, while entertaining, to entertain me. Some subtle message in a movie or play is a-okay, but outright hit-me-on-the-head messaging like in "Hamilton" or watching the sellouts (to Communist China) of the NBA or elsewhere? Not interested.

      And now our college athletes, not happy with getting a 4 year free ride, are now going to be paid as part of the 4 year free ride. While for the most part not learning jack-sh....poop. (Unlike the football center of Florida State while my wife was going to school there (actually via online) who maintained 4.0 average in straight up hardcore science stuff, getting his Masters in Physics while play8ing with a busted foot and being one of the best centers in College foosball at the time, and who, after he graduated, left foosball (and got his foot permanently fixed) and went to work doing SCIENCE!) Most college football players I've met within the last 20 years can almost complete either a social services degree program (acknowledged as the easiest to get, everywhere, think about that) or an edumacation degree (acknowledged as the second easiest to get degree, everywhere, think about THAT!) or if they are achademically powerful, getting a sports degree of some sort (which, to be sports teacher, actually takes more brain cells than a regular teacher, think about THAT!)

      I like the early 'War' sports of the Olympics. Running, jumping, horse riding, gymnastics, fencing, shooting, swimming. Most of the modern frou-frou? Not so much. Love watching rowing because, well, galleys and stuff, but kayaking or canoe races? Shuttlecock? Volleyball (beach or court?) Sport Climbing? Skateboarding (well, now that I've seen lots of uses of skateboards as clubs of war....)?

      Really. Distill it down to the fundamentals. And let the athletes compete fairly. If one idiot can do things that other idiots can't do (like Simone Biles, who was basically told by the Gymnastics people that her work would be downgraded because she was better than the other gymnasts (which, come to think of it, is kind of the point of the whole game thingy, no?)) then allow them to actually stonk on the other athletes/idiots for being not as good.


      And stop the politics (now, stop laughing at me.) And stop the whole "I've got dual, triple, quadruple citizenship so though I live in the USA and work in the USA and train and compete in the USA now that the Olympics have come around, Ima competing for (insert small useless country nobody gives a rat's ass about and in reality doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of ever fielding an... Olympic level snow skier (I want to watch the Olympic Biathalon, and would love to see Finland win every time against the Russians... Simo would so agree with me. You can see him... over there... the snow bank... no, not that snow bank, the other snow bank...)


      And, of course, if you are going to do Olympic Biathalon, make it a triathalon and include skiing at 40 below in the middle of the night to set fire on the judge's dormatory... You know, like the FINNs did in WWII.

  4. Wow ! Mr. Beans is one angry dude!

    1. Yep. Rager I am. Many years of raging against the stupidity.

      And when faced with, well, Olympic levels of stupidity, it really boils over.

      I mean the Republic of China has more people than Cuba, but there's a push to accept Cuba but not the Republic of China.

      ChiCom is bunghole.

  5. One suggestion for the Olympics to make it more like it used to be is completely ban television and video and have it be in person audiences only (okay, I can maybe let radio in). A lot of the grandstanding, both political and personal, is because there is an audience to watch it. Remove the audience and I suspect the behavior would disappear.

    1. Would be nice, but too many dictatorships have their countrys' GDP to raid to bribe various officials...

      And, no, there was dirty behavior in the original Olympics, so...

    2. I can always dream Beans. On a separate but unrelated note, I have often been called a hopeless romantic dreamer...

    3. Me too, TB, me too.

      And compared to me, my wife is a total pollyanna. Well, until the last two years... If I can get my hands around the necks around the people that took her sweet outlook on life away... grrrr....

  6. Replies
    1. Except for at the end. He had to get... 'artistic.'

  7. (Don McCollor)...Probably one of the proudest moments was when they recognized Israel as a nation mere hours after they declared so...


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