Monday, August 9, 2021

Gang Aft Agley...


Just wanted to pop in for a bit, after Juvat's Monday post both Beans and Tuna have something in the hopper for your reading enjoyment, so I haven't got anything for you for a couple of days yet. And truth be told, I haven't really posted anything recently other than a few "I'm still here" posts.

While this is indeed another "I'm still here" post, the post has another intent, which is to inform all of you, the readers, that I completely lost track of time and space while out in Sandy Eggo. Working 11-12 hour days with but a single day of repose a week will do that to a person.

Not that I begrudge the time spent on the ship. I actually rather miss it. It was more the camaraderie than the work, but the work was interesting. I can't say more than that for various reasons.

Suffice to say that I had a good time. For various definitions of "good time."

But I didn't get to work on either book, which is what I implied by the title of this post. I meant to, seriously, my intentions were good. Even brought the WWII book to Sandy Eggo on a memory stick so that I would have it readily to hand. It just didn't happen, mea culpa. I would promise to "do better next time" but I know I won't. If there is a "next time" for the task I'm currently employed on.

We shall see.

Now I need to reread what I wrote for the War in the Wild series to figure out where I left off and where I was planning to go, history is my guide as to the general plot, but the characters are my own creation and, quite honestly, I've lost track of 'em. I need to mend that.

So, I'll be back shortly to continue my tale of early America.

Be seeing you...¹

¹ Which was also an oft repeated line in an old British TV series. Guess which one.


  1. Many Happy Returns, Number Six!

    Anything implied by the picture of the Zoomie?

    1. That's the USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001), the ship I spent three weeks on. Tied to the pier, yes, but aboard nonetheless.

      She's in much better shape than the lead ship in the class, the USS Dumpster Fire.

      Full marks on the TV show question!

    2. Way cool, Sarge! The newest USN ship I've been on was DDG-97, the Halsey. Quite a bit different than the Iowa, and vastly different than the ships I've sailed on.

      I can just imagine all the goodies inside the Monsoor!

      My quoted reply was my favorite episode.

  2. Glad to hear you had a fruitful trip, Sarge.

    No matter what anyone may think of a particular military system, we all want that system to work as intended when deployed. Thorough testing is a critical part of moving that system toward operational status. (I was Air Force, some years back)

    Regarding the storytelling -- take your time, do it right. I will also probably have to go back and re-read the last few entries, as my memory is quite sieve-like recently. It is a good tale you are spinning.

    1. Doing it right or not at all. Wish more authors did that!

  3. Sarge, I find the same when I have walked away from a character or characters for a while; I have to go back and "re-find" their voices.

  4. 12 hr days don't leave time for anything but work. The day off is for the day to day chores that you didn't have time for.
    Welcome back!

  5. I think those of us who were in the military all miss the camaraderie. And I hope you can get that to work


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