Friday, August 6, 2021

I Won't Lie...

I'm going to miss being on the ship.

I'm going to miss working with the people I got to work with in this environment.

I am definitely going to miss that view.

I didn't get the chance to do a few things I wanted to do, the eleven to twelve hour days and the fact that I'm 68 tended to wear me out much more than I thought it would.

But I did get to see my daughter and her husband and two of my grandbabies, so it was well worth the trip.

Rumor has it that I'll be back around Labor Day.

Yes, I was reluctant to do it again (though it's only two weeks the next time) but after thinking about it, how could I pass it up? It's not every day an old Air Force fart gets to work on a United States Navy warship.

But it went too fast...

I'll be traveling by the time many of you read this.

Home again, home again.

Can't wait...


  1. Time flies......more so the older one gets eh?

  2. Do you draw sea pay or only if the ship gets underway? Under the old rules governing that sea pay started when we reported aboard and continued during TAD off the ship under 30 days. That was c. 1960. Old Guns

  3. Okay, now I get to say it: Safe travels and hopefully much less of a "adventure" flying home.

    And yes, I would have totally gone back as well.

  4. Warship? Are you working on a Burke-class?
    Boat Guy

    1. Don't believe everything you read. 🙂

    2. Hardly, I don't believe half of what I see, some days. Still, being a recovering SWO, I think I know from warships.

  5. Yay!

    Shipboard time, from what I hear, is always too short and too long. Just like any type of TDY/TAD.

    Oh, the stories you can't tell, just piling up to not be told.

    But sounds like you had fun. Which is the important thing. And I hope everything went well at your job.

  6. Glad you got to see the western branch of the family and also glad you're going home. Safe travels and return to the normal routine especially blogging. Beans was heading down a somewhat scattalogical path. No telling what the next post was going to discuss. ;-)

  7. Lets find a time to meet up next trip!

  8. Well done, Sarge! Just as Flight gets into to your blood, so does working on a ship. I really miss the time I spent at-sea, and the fact that even when we were in Home Port, my office was still on the ship.

    Welcome home!


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