Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So, according to this, the web of world wideness is 25 years old.

Lemme see, where was I in 1989? Oh yes, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. I was a proud member of the Strategic Air Command. SAC. You know, these guys...

But this post isn't about me. Nope, it's about the world wide web, that whole WWW thang. Now according to that link above, some fellow named Sir Tim Berners-Lee actually invented the web. (Hhhmm, so it wasn't Al Gore? Good, I never did like that guy.)

So anyway, Sir Tim (that's him below) invented the web. At least that post says so and...

Wait a minute...

Sir Tim wrote that post. Hhmm...

Okay, I did some checking and the evidence is pretty good that Sir Tim actually did do what he claims. So I'll let that go.

But at any rate, happy anniversary web of world wideness.

You're a pretty cool thing. All things considered.

Way to go Sir Tim!
For without the web, how could I bring you this?

Pure Phantom Goodness, courtesy of the Deutsches Luftwaffe


  1. WHAAAATTTT????? Al Gore didn't invent the internet? Next you're going to be saying climate change is caused by changes in the number of Sunspots our Sun experiences. Heretic! Where's the Stake?

    1. I know! Stunned me as well. I suppose I shouldn't run around repeating that.

      We're experiencing some global warming today. Snow and rain mixed. Lovely.

      Did I hear someone say "Maunder Minimum"?

  2. PS. Nice pictures of the Phantoms though.


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