Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Russian Troops in Crimea
Boston Police in Watertown
Is it just me that's confused?

(And yes, I am trying to stir the pot...)


  1. At what point do we charge the various & random police and sheriff's departments with the "Stolen Valor" law for them dressing like they're about to ship out for the sandbox?

    1. Ah, someone else who also sees the larger issue.

      While I sympathize with the job the cops have to do when faced with well-armed criminals, I tend to get nervous when they stop looking like police and start looking like Panzergrenadiers.

    2. Yes, no small irony that we're the one's wearing the Nazi-like coal-scuttle healmets..

      PS: Ya thimk anyone under the age of, say, 55 even knows what a coal-scuttle is?

    3. I'd have to guess no. Most of the young'uns wouldn't know what a coal scuttle is.

      (And it's been quite some time since I've heard that term used. Outside of references to German helmets that is.)

    4. Excellent post OldAFSarge and I could not have agreed more with you Rev. Paul.

      Don't sell all of us young people short, some of us do study history.

    5. Thanks DR. I'll remember that not all the young'uns are necessarily ignorant.

      That's good to know.

  2. All of that Homeland Security grant money was out there.
    It was "free."
    They gotta justify it by using the stuff they bought with it.
    Then when there's more "free" money, they can get some o' that, too.

    Maybe someone with an economics background can explain just how wrong that is?

    1. BTW - I had to look up coal scuttle only because I've always lived in California.
      And.... I liked the German model better.

    2. Free money. I still think that the DHS was a bad idea. With a worse name.

    3. Um yeah, California. Isn't possession of coal a felony out there?

  3. Beth thos Russians are better trained and disciplined.


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