Saturday, March 1, 2014

What Was I Thinking?

F-14 of VF-31 The Tomcatters
Callsign "Felix"
So yesterday was the Friday Flyby, dedicated to the men and women of Naval Aviation. Now normally, I post a link to the Flyby over on Facebook (be still Gentle Reader, yes I do Facebook, I ain't a'feared of social media...) which I did yesterday.

I was feeling all proud of myself and patting myself on the back for such a wondrous and lovely depiction of the aircraft which are no strangers to salt water. Then I see the following comment from blog-buddy and fellow Lexican "Pinch" - 
"*sigh* and not a Tomcat to be seen. *sigh sigh*"
Now you have to understand, Pinch is a retired NFO, in fact, he was a RIO (Radar Intercept Officer, think back seater) in the Tomcat. I left out his aircraft!

I felt somewhat like the baker who slaves in the kitchen, producing this beautiful birthday cake, then wheeling it out and someone saying -
"Uh, you spelled my name wrong."
How could I possibly forget one of the, no, strike that, THE most iconic aircraft in post-Vietnam aircraft carrier history? I mean, what was I thinking?

Now the movie "Top Gun" notwithstanding (after all, they spelled it wrong, it's TOPGUN - one word, all caps) here is one of the finest movie scenes of all time starring the Tomcat -

I used to see these beauties coming into Offutt AFB, from time to time. A great bird.

Pinch, this one's for you!

Fill 'er up?

At sea


Ready to go!

Tomcat on the cat

RIO Selfie
So Pinch, we okay here?
Photo from Tailhook Daily Briefing


  1. Heh... When you look at 103, you can see how 'dirty' it looks, because of the corrosion prevention that is a CONSTANT battle at sea... And Pinch looks young in that pic!!!

  2. Now THAT was a jet. I still hold that the F-18 has some big shoes to try to fill.

    1. You'll get no argument from me. The Tomcat was a helluva jet.


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