Monday, March 24, 2014

And now for something completely different (part II of a continuing series I'd guess).

The aircraft sunset photos I posted last week seemed to be pretty popular.  As I was writing that post, a friend sent me an email with dozens of WWII airplane photos in it.  That, and my recent forays into the world of Pinterest has given me a ton of material with which to tickle your aviation fancy.

I've always thought the AC-130 Spectre was a bad-ass bird, but I had no idea it had a predecessor.
 I present the AC-47 Spooky Gunship (Viet Nam era vice WWII).
The Soviets had some ugly-ass aircraft, but this one takes the cake.  The wings and engines are missing so it makes it look like a giant sea-turtle to me. It's actually a Beriev Bartini VVA 14.
Avenger On Parade!  Pretty small flight deck though.
I've always liked this aircraft- the Boeing 314 Clipper over San Francisco probably before WWII.  They were pressed into Military service during the war and only flew for one more year after.
Aircraft over famous landmarks usually make great photos.  This one is no exception; another C-47
My lone Friday Flyby post featured the storied Catalina.  Sometimes it really sucks to be ground-crew, especially if you're crew to an amphibious plane in Alaska.
I thought this was a cool shot of the Cat 
Here's another.  This one is over San Diego Bay.  It looks like it's doing the "Bay Approach" to NAS North Island, which was my favorite when I flew out of NASNI.  We'd cross the Silver Strand just south of  Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, fly up the bay, elevate to fly over the Coronado Bridge, take in a bit of the bay front scenery, then make a left turn to land on Rwy 18.  This photo predates the bridge by almost 3 decades, but the approach is about the same.
Here's another Clipper photo which I chose because it appears to be in about the same place the USS GALLANT (MSO-459) was parked on Treasure Island Naval Station in San Francisco Bay back in 1989.  I spent 30 days on-board the Mine Sweeper as a First-Class Midshipman.
A nice picture of a Cub in a meadow.
I like this picture because the house is still intact on NAS North Island, albeit without the cool roof decoration.  I'd drive by the place every day on my way to work during 3 tours there.
Cats on a Hot Tin Roof! This is the USS Thetis Bay (CVE-90) transporting some Catalinas
and assorted other aircraft from San Diego to NAS Alameda for repair work (circa 1944).
A small flock of geese over NYC.  Grumman Goose to be exact.
Before I saw this picture, I had no idea that aircraft were stored at the top of the
hangar on WWII-era Carriers.
A very bold Spitfire Pilot.   
One of the uglier aircraft photos I found.  The X-51 looks like it was born with a couple birth defects.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Gratuitous Mustang photo.  I love the stainless steel look to these.  Too bad this had gone out of style by the time the Phantom and Viking came around.  
A beached and abandoned Catalina in Saudi Arabia.  More pictures and an interesting story here.
More shiny birds.  Alternate Caption:  "A Whole Can of Whoop-Ass" B-29s on Tinian in the Marianas.
There are dozens of strange or downright ugly aircraft out there.  This one might be both.
 It's a German Blohm & Voss 141.  Aircraft should be symmetrical in my opinion. 
I chose this picture because it shows the aircraft that Admiral Yamamoto died in- a Mitsubishi G4M Bomber that we shot down after intercepting the plans for his inspection tour of the South Pacific.
Sixteen P-38 Lightnings took part in the mission, (because we couldn't find a 17th!).  
It almost looks as if the Lord is shining down on the formation of  Spitfires.
A Purely Patronizing Phantom Photo. How's that for some fine alliteration?
Less patronizing Phantom photo.  I don't come across too many Blue Angel pics in their F-4 livery.
I like this pic. Maybe I should look a little harder.
It's no finalist for MilBlog post of the year, but that ought to do it for now.  I'll gather up some more and post them at some unscheduled date in the future (probably when Sarge could use a break).


  1. I've always thought the AC-130 Spectre was a bad-ass bird, but I had no idea it had a predecessor.

    There were actually two predecessors to the AC-130... the AC-47 and this guy. Nice post, Tuna.

  2. You did not know about the AC-47 Spooky, aka: "Puff the Magic Dragon"? Dude, you need to watch "The Green Berets" with John Wayne tonight. Watching one hose down that overrun Special Forces camp is a highlight of the film.

  3. What Buck and Murph said. Also I had no idea that there was a Fairchild AC-119. The Flying Boxcar was one of my favorite A/C as a kid.

    And: Excellent post Tuna, great pics and I like this series. A lot. Not to mention that I had no clue what to post about today.

    Let it be known that Tuna has saved my a$$ once again.

    (I reckon I should buy you a beer or something when I get to Sandy Eggo in April...)

  4. Good ones, and that was a 'later' version of Puff, the original only had one gun in the door.

  5. I have always loved the Pilot of Puff the magic Dragons Comment " It will only take a minute."


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