Sunday, March 23, 2014

Numéro Deux

So in all the preparation for sending Big Time and Little Bit off to Detroit yesterday, I missed something.

Seems I started the blog two years ago Saturday.

Two years.

My, my, how time does fly.

Odd that I would miss such an anniversary. But frankly I was a bit down after seeing the kids off. It's great having them around and when it's time for them to leave...

Well, it's just too quiet around these parts at the moment.

Back later...


  1. Happy Blogoversary. And many more, as it's said.

    I can relate to the quiet when the kids leave. The first few days after the grandbabies and my DIL went back to Charleston were always waaaay too quiet. SN2 was on a Boomer back in those days, so the kids would be with us in Dee-troit for 90 days at a time while he was out on patrol.

    1. Thanks Buck.

      My oldest granddaughter and I have quite a rapport. I tell people she's "3 going on 27". She's one sharp little kid!

  2. Congrats I will lift a glass later and wish you many more salut!

  3. To borrow a text I once received, HBDTYHBDTYHBDDCDD, HBDTY! Yeah, I know BD is one word...

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday!

  5. Well done! Sticking to it is an admirable trait. I've enjoyed, enjoy and look forward to your blog posts. Keep up the good work.


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