Sunday, March 9, 2014

Out of Sorts

Spad Drivers, Vietnam 1963 - Link
It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness, but napalm is even more effective. Nep Lex - 23 Nov 2010
I am adrift today, no ambition, no clue. (What some might call my "normal" state of being.)

I'm spending a lot of time today reflecting. (And listening to the really loud Portuguese radio station down the street. For it's nice out and the neighbors are doing outdoor things. One requirement of which - apparently - is to play one's radio really, really loud.)

Oh well, The Missus Herself and Little Bit return tomorrow. I am nearly dizzy with anticipation. It's been a long three weeks...

Yes, this is a 707 doing a barrel roll. Whoda thunk it? Link

When the test pilot Tex Johnson was questioned about the stunt,
he simply replied by saying – “Just selling airplanes”.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend. It's pretty nice here in Little Rhody. (Loud Portuguese radios notwithstanding.)


  1. Well, it is nice to have a little peace and quiet and alone time every once in a while. But, I'd rather spend time with my wife and family.

  2. It's all indoors up here in the north end of California today
    I think Mother Nature couldn't wait for Monday to rain

    1. Just wait, I have no doubt that Monday in your little area of the world will be all sunshine and rainbows.

      Just seems to be the way Mother Nature rolls...

  3. Even better, he did it TWICE!!! :-)

  4. Over the Hydro Races at Sea Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Methinks he's speaking of this: - jet-engined boats that often forget they are boats, trying to become the vertically challenged airplanes that they truly are. Sea Fair in Seattle is held fairly close to Boeing's plant so that kinda makes sense for the times. Doing a barrel roll in a commercial jet over populated areas would probably be frowned upon these days.

    2. Ah so des...

      Many apologies ORPO-san.

  5. Crazy aerobatics like a 707 doing a maneuver like that are probably plentiful enough for an entertaining post in itself. Just a suggestion... Don't look at me like that- I'm primarily the pithy politically charged part-time blogger, not the entertaining one like you.

    1. Hmm, new acronym: PPCPTB = Pithy Politically Charged Part-Time Blogger. We likes it!

      And here I thought I was the "cute" one...


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