Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Unser 43. Mitglied

For you non-Germanophones, that title reads "Our 43rd Member" - and that would be Daddy Hawk. (If you're wondering why the title is "auf Deutsch", suffice to say that The Queen of the Realm will get it. The rest of you just be content with the knowledge that on occasion I will throw foreign languages at you for no other reason than I can.)

Now according to Daddy Hawk's profile: "I love anything that goes fast, makes a loud noise or does both at the same time."

Methinks that he's in the right place. Though the loud noises have to be imagined, they're implied.

Oh, rumor has it, he's a Firefly fan. (For those who don't know, so am I!)

He is also a blogger who writes at a number of places (well, three, but that is a number, nicht wahr?) But his primary blog is here.

So everyone say "Hello" and, oh yeah, I almost forgot...

Around here, the new guy gets this patch, and has to buy the first round.

Seriously though, welcome aboard Daddy Hawk and here's a little something for you...

Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark!


  1. I get the "I love anything that goes fast, makes a loud noise or does both at the same time." comment, but you do realize you've give him an FNG patch from VP-47 right? P-3's are pretty much the exact opposite of going fast and being loud! (Snort!)

    1. No! Really? Perish the thought!

      (The shame of the FNG goes even deeper. Actually that's the only FNG picture I have. I'll have to get The WSO to send me a photo of her VFA-32 FNG patch.)

  2. Welcome, 43.
    xo 40

  3. Veilen Danke. Dad macht mir zehr gern.

    I will wear the FNG patch with pride especially if WSO can come up with an F-18 squadron patch. I will draw the line at a JAFO patch though.


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