Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday, the Eighth of March

Shouldn't you be blogging, or something?
Uh yeah, what Sasha said...
So it's a Saturday, The Missus Herself is still down in DC and won't be back until Monday. So I have this last weekend of playing bachelor.

Both cats, as you can see, anxiously await the return of Mom. Can't you sense their nervous tension?

No, I didn't think so.

My cats are remarkable creatures. They are very concerned for my welfare.

Why just this morning they made sure that I was out of bed early, they didn't want me to miss this gorgeous weather we're in the midst of. (Oh, and while you're up, why don't you go ahead and feed us. There's a good human.)

I was on the phone with The Missus Herself and Little Bit (oldest granddaughter, she's three, going on 27) the other night. Grandma wanted to know if Little Bit would like to talk to Grampa, she promptly got on the phone and said (and yes, this is a direct quote) -
"Grampa, don't worry, we'll be home really soon."
Seems that she too is concerned for my welfare.

So that's what's going on on the Homefront (i.e. not much at all).

I also talked to The WSO last night. It seems that there is a Family and Friends Day Cruise planned for the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) out in Sandy Eggo in early April. I was asked if I'd like to participate in said activity.

USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76
America's Penultimate Nimitz-class carrier

Why yes, yes I would!

Some of my readers may remember that I've done this day cruise thingee once before on the Ike (CVN-69) and regaled you with that tale here. (And while checking that link I noted that two of the videos I had posted back then were nowhere to be seen. I have made repairs, sometimes computers irk me. Okay, everyday they irk me. Sigh...)

But back when I did that cruise, I wasn't a blogger. It's not like I wasn't paying attention or having a good time mind you, it's just that I wasn't really looking for a story to tell. Now I will be.

Which reminds of the time, about a month ago, when I was talking with The Nuke. She was about to regale me with a story regarding work when she paused and said, "Dad, this is off the record. Right?"

Okay, this is a Dad talking with his daughter, what's this whole "off the record" thing?

She looked me right in the eye and said, "Dad, you're a blogger now. That means you're part of the media. Yes, a little known part of the media, but nevertheless..."

Okay, that "little known" bit hurt. I mean come on, I have tens of dozens of readers. Many of whom are actual living, breathing human beings and aren't spambots at all. (Well, that's what Google Analytics tells me anyway.)

But The Nuke was the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) on her first ship (in addition to being the Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer, or ASWO). Which meant that while the ship was at sea, she was concerned with drilling her sonarmen and torpedomen. (Some of whom were actually female, but hey, the Air Force still calls a female airman, an airman. Right?) When the ship was in port, she had to deal with the media.

I noticed when she came home on leave once that she had a stack of paperwork with her. Seems she still had to do her PAO-thing regardless of whether she was on leave or not. Of course, that might be her and not her Captain. She is pretty driven. A real go-getter.

But still, to be classed as part of "the media" by one's own kith and kin? Ah well.

So yes, the cruise on the Reagan. The WSO's air wing (CAG 2) belongs to the Reagan hence the invite from her, to me. The last day cruise was via an invite from The Nuke who was ship's company. So this might be different. Anyhoo...

I'm pretty pumped about it. We'll be heading out to sea from Sandy Eggo so of course I asked The WSO, "Hey, can we go to Shakespeares and up to Point Loma while we're out there?"

Her reply, "Of course we can."

So to all of you out there Sandy Eggo way...

The Old AF Sarge is coming...

Er kommt...
Details to follow.


  1. Nice, um, retirement frock. I had no idea the USAF did that sort of thing.
    Also, John Paul Jones wants his epaulettes back. :)

    Srsly, the trip sounds fantastic & I look forward to your Reagan report.

    1. There are a lot of things the Air Force did to get me to retire. Many of which are still classified.


      I'm pretty pumped about the trip. This time I'm bringing my camera!

  2. And a man more proud of his daughter would be hard to find!

    1. Absolutely correct. Both daughters AND my son actually. The former are still in the Navy, the latter did five years as a SWO.

  3. Nice boat. Sorry my comments are so lame, but it really is a nice boat.

    1. Actually a really good comment Susie. Spoken like a true aviator. The folks in the air wing call it "the boat". The ship's company (think the folks that maintain and drive the ship) insist on calling it a ship and point out "it's NOT a boat!"

      (And it IS a nice boat.)

  4. Sounds like fun. Take a father to work day sounds like a nice twist to an old tradition.

  5. Freaking cool. And we expect many pictures of aircraft and the ship and lots of stories.

  6. I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Four hours away from Sandy Eggo..........................................
    I was in CVW-2 a long time ago............................Different Air Wing now.

    1. I will ask the question, but don't get your hopes up. You know how the Navy is.

  7. Second drink's on me. I'll leave the honor of the first to your daughter.

    1. Why thank you Tuna. Mind you, I'm used to being spoiled by NFOs.

    2. Keep that up and you'll be buying your own! Ha ha. By the way, what is that white item on the uniform photo above- one of these? I thought you quit smoking (guffaw!)

    3. The white item is actually a cravat, think old version of a tie. It's smallish looking because of the stock being worn as well. The stock is that black thing wrapped around the neck. It was intended to assist you in keeping your chin up and back straight.

      The troops hated the stock. (Trach tube? Har-de-har-ha. It's been 16 months since my last smoke.)


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