Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Heroic Post (Um, not really...)

Detail from a painting by Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier (1815–1891)

A couple of days ago...

Well, alright, it was Tuesday. Why be vague when you can be precise?

So, Tuesday, blog-buddy Skip made the following comment:

Not every post has to be heroic.

In the post for that day I was sort of apologizing for the fact that the post in question wasn't all that earth-shattering, enlightening or (perhaps) even (shudder) interesting.

In the wake of the Great Copyright Fiasco of July I have kind of wobbled as to the blog's identity. So some of my posts lately are just me groping for an identity.

Another blog-buddy XBradTC, in a recent post, remarked:

For whatever reason, there are virtually no good Air Force blogs out there.

Which gave me pause.

He may be right. It's not like I have wandered the blogosphere searching for "Air Force" blogs. It's not something I really care about one way or the other.

I think what he means by that is that he hasn't found a blog (yet) which digs deep into Air Force issues, uniforms, tactics, concerns, protocols, aircraft, strategic thinking, what's for lunch in the chow hall and what time does the golf course open.

Now I know of three blogs which are written by three retired Air Force guys.
Oddly enough, all three of these blogs are by retired Master Sergeants (Air Force). So are those Air Force blogs? Are they good? I leave that to you, the reader.

Buck does more Air Force stuff than I do. A lot more. Though now that Juvat (a retired Air Force officer) has joined the team, you will probably be seeing more Air Force related stories.

And Tuna (a retired Navy officer) adds a bit of salt air to the mix.

We don't do much in the way of Air Force-specific current events. I have posted from time to time on certain topics when my old service has done something abysmally stupid with which I disagreed, but that is more the exception than the rule.

So this is not an Air Force centric blog by any stretch of the imagination.

While this blog is by no means Air Force centric, it is, because of who I am...

... an Air Force blog. With some Navy thrown in for seasoning.

The crudely modified picture, is kind of heroic.

Sort of.

So in a way, this is my heroic post of the week. So far. Such as it is.

Oh yeah,

Aim High!


  1. Hey, nobody can say you didn't try. Sort of.


  2. You never told me you had historical figures in your family tree. The family resemblance is remarkable!! Faire Un Salute!

  3. So are those Air Force blogs? Are they good?

    Yes and yes, but the general sense that there aren't any good USAF blogs is fairly accurate, present company excepted. I'm at a loss to explain (to myself, mostly) exactly why that is but as a famous person once said: "it is what it is."

    We shall endeavor to persevere.

    1. I too shall persevere.

      I was very conflicted by what XBradTC had to say. On the one hand yeah, sure. No senior USAF officer (that I know of) is blogging with the "inside scoop" on what's what in Zoomie-land. Then again, there is a lot of pretentious crap masquerading as "commentary" out there so maybe that's a good thing.

      Still, there are Air Force bloggers out here (I named three) and I was slightly miffed at XBradTC's comment. I wasn't really worked up because I knew where he was coming from in regards to that remark. Still and all, he could have worded that better. A lot better.

  4. Not many Air Force blogs, but a whole boatload of Navy ones...I'm not sure what that means. Maybe us Navy types are far too opinionated for our own good. Or maybe we just can't shut up? Maybe we're taking a cue from Navy leadership and feel like over-sharing in public. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to have the forum as my own creative outlet when the mood strikes.

    Heroic posts? You're an every-day hero to those that matter. No need to prove it.

  5. Replies
    1. I just work for the Air Force................................................."There is the Air Force and then there is Edwards AFB......" John McElrath, SMSGT, USAF RES, Retired. Former coworker at Edwards AFB.

    2. ORPO, you're Joint!

      Edwards AFB and the Air Force, related but not the same.

  6. Nice Photo. I did not know you owned a horse. As to this...
    "For whatever reason, there are virtually no good Air Force blogs out there."
    I can only say indeed....however, I do note, for the record, uh umm, there are no good Navy golf courses out there either. Just an observation.
    Carry on....

    1. Navy? Golf courses? That would be encroaching on a vital Air Force role!

      Carrying on, Aye!


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